December 3, 2023
March 9, 2019

How Small Nonprofits Can Acquire Major Donors

Just because your organization is small doesn’t mean it can’t bring in big donors. In fact, some of your best prospects might be right under your nose. These tips will help you find major donors by capitalizing on the connections you already have and expanding your reach in the community. Do more with your database Your database holds more answers than you think. Exhaust all your efforts there before you even think of searching for […]
March 7, 2019

What Tax Season Means for Nonprofit Organizations

Tax season is officially upon us! Filling out the paperwork for an individual tax return is one thing, but filing taxes for an organization is something else entirely. If this is your organization’s first tax season, or if you just want some helpful tips, we’ve got you covered. Taxes? But we don’t pay taxes It’s true that tax-exempt organizations don’t pay any federal income tax. However, depending on your income model, you may still need […]
March 5, 2019

Nonprofit Membership Programs: A How-To Guide

If you’re looking for new ways to keep your supporters engaged, consider launching a membership program. Both parties benefit here, as member fees can provide long-term financial support for your organization while supporters receive additional engagement opportunities and special perks. Use these six steps to get started. 1. Choose your type of membership program Keeping your supporters’ best interests in mind, decide on a structure and strategy for membership. Determine the end goal of your […]
March 2, 2019

Donor Management Software: FAQ for First-Time Buyers

When nonprofits experience growth, one of the major changes they can expect is the need to assume software that will support their expanding network. For organizations of a certain size, buying your first dedicated donor management software marks a key stage in your growth. Perhaps you’ve outgrown Excel and that’s why you’re looking to invest in new donor management software, or perhaps you’re wanting your  nonprofit to grow through improved organizational processes and boosted fundraising […]