May 20, 2022
April 17, 2022

United Way & ACLU Roped Into BLM Controversy – Bishop Redfern II

Read below a word-for-word transcript shared by Black Live Matter’s Co-Founder, Patrisse Cullors and activist Nikkita Oliver’s frustration with the IRS Form 990’s transparency requirements. Cullors and Oliver roped the United Way and ACLU (ON VIDEO) into a white supremacy racist attack against black-women-led organizations.  They insist that 990 accountability has been weaponized against charities. Here’s the transcript and video: Nikkta Oliver: Here’s my first question. Have a new set of [Form 990] standards been […]
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May 11, 2022

Broken for Good: The Way Charity Works In The United States

BROKEN FOR GOOD: The Way Charity Works in the United States of America is MUST SEE VIEWING for foundations and philanthropists  who have the power to give charities what they really need…FREEDOM! The freedom to implement unconventional best practices that respond to the specific needs of their community! Unless we allow charities to invest donor dollars into risk, growth and savings nonprofits will continue to be hamstrung by a poverty mentality. Somewhere along the way, […]
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May 18, 2022

Datasource Provides Nonprofits Screening Services

I recently had the privilege of performing a nationwide executive search to install a new CEO for a exceptional nonprofit that serves women who have survived the horrors of sex-trafficking. Their program is unique and their clients are very special. An important part of my interview process involved hiring the right agency to perform comprehensive background checks on each candidate PLUS I wanted to make sure each potential hire understood the crucial role background screening […]
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April 24, 2022

Unrestricted Major Gifts Are Charities’ Best Friends – Jim Eskin

Unrestricted Major Gifts Are Charities’ Best Friends is Jim Eskin’s take on the importance of nonprofit cashflow. Here’s what Eskin has to share: In addition to record-setting philanthropy, one of the more encouraging trends we’ve witnessed over the last few years in response to the pandemic is funders letting non-profits and recipients of their generosity decide how money can be best spent. This has long been known as unrestricted giving. For various reasons, non-profits — including […]
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May 17, 2022

The P2P Fundraising (Peer-to-Peer) Guide

Activate your P2P fundraising campaign in 5 simple steps. The theory behind peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising isn’t new. Back in the day you would walk door-to-door asking neighbors and friends to support your efforts in an ‘a-thon.’ This tried and true approach is now much easier thanks to online fundraising platforms and social media. Today anyone can easily participate in an online campaign to raise awareness for an organization and collect donations from their peers. A […]
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May 13, 2022

CalCPA Nonprofit Conference For Charitable Executives

CalCPA Nonprofit Conference for Charitable Executives brings together industry and public accounting experts to deliver timely updates surrounding the nonprofit market. Engage with speakers who lead sessions covering topics ranging from new and developing tax issues to effective controls and private endowments. You’ll gain a renewed understanding of pertinent accounting, audit, legal, tax and regulatory updates relevant to this sector. California NFPs generate $273B in annual revenue, and one in every 14 California jobs is […]
May 13, 2022

Norman Gildin Says, “There’s 12 Types of Nonprofit Boards!”

Norman Gildin Says, “There’s 12 Different Types of Nonprofit Boards!” is an insightful, accurate and fun take on nonprofit governance and leadership. Here’s what the founder of Strategic Fundraising Group, Norman Gildin, has to share. Over the years, I worked with both large and small boards of directors and boards of different ethnicities and religions. What I found was that size, ethnicity nor religion were determinants of effectiveness. What remained critical was whether boards unambiguously […]
May 1, 2022

Tim Eby – Special Education Foundation

Tim Eby – Special Education Foundation celebrates a Missouri Based Nonprofit that assists students with disabilities in St. Louis County. Mr. Evy has been installed as their new executive director. The Special Education Foundation, which serves over 20,000 students annually from the Special School District in St. Louis County, has hired Tim Eby as its new Executive Director. Eby brings a wealth of experience working in public media and the nonprofit sector, including serving as St. […]

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