June 20, 2024
February 12, 2022

Kimberly Bryant & Heather Hiles – Founder vs. Board

Kimberly Bryant – Heather Hiles – Founders vs. Board Members is an unfolding horror story that demands nonprofit founders rethink the way they install board members. The atrocity you’re about to witness is a deliberate act of ORGANIZATIONAL TERRORISM.  Behaviors like this, left unchecked, hurt children. Don’t miss Jimmy LaRose’s prescription for Kimberly Bryant & Heather Hiles (CLICK HERE) at the end of this page turner. LaRose is the CEO of National Association of
March 3, 2022

Black Girls CODE Nonprofit Debacle Will Curl Your Toes

Black Girls CODE Nonprofit Debacle Will Curl Your Toes is NANOE Co-Founder, Kathy Robinson’s take on the ongoing conflict between BGC’s founder, Kimberly Bryant and Heather Hiles, BGC board member. Dr. Kathleen Robinson, known around the world as America’s Nonprofit Thought-Leader spends her life in service to the charitable sector. Kathy ensures charities build the capacity they require to accomplish their important mission. Needless to say, in her fifty years of service DR. ROBINSON HAS […]