May 26, 2022
April 23, 2022

[PODCAST] A Dazzling Approach to Charity Auctions

Charity auctions are as common as their featured prizes. Nonprofit organizations work every year to solicit in-kind donations of gift cards, memberships, small appliances, and free consultations for their live and silent auctions. In this episode, Katie interviews Scott and Eliza Friedman, the founders of Jewels with a Purpose (JWAP). Their business is revolutionizing the charitable auction scene. This organization is building a huge fanbase and reputation for raising significant dollars through its consignment model […]
April 22, 2022

How to Plan A Hybrid Fundraising Event

How to Plan A Hybrid Fundraising Event In 2020, we saw nonprofits and charities discover the great benefits of hosting virtual fundraising galas and planning hybrid fundraising events. Thanks to advances in online fundraiser platforms, supporters were able to continue interacting with each other. They could also donate online during the lockdown. Many nonprofits and charities also discovered that virtual fundraisers were less expensive to host. They could actually raise more money due to the […]
April 16, 2022

Leverage Form 990 for Stakeholder Trust [GUIDE]

How to Leverage Form 990 to Build Stakeholder Trust Leverage Form 990? Really? What is a commonly neglected marketing tool? It’s your IRS Form 990. IRS Form 990 is more than just a tax form that many nonprofits must file every year. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate to the IRS, as well as to current and potential stakeholders, that your organization is well-run and financially sustainable. It is also an opportunity to showcase key mission-centric […]
April 16, 2022

Endowment Gifts for Nonprofits: Legacies of Giving and Sustainability

Endowments: Legacies of Giving and Sustainability Are you telling the right story and giving your supporters the right opportunities to give? Many high-wealth donors want to create endowment gifts for nonprofits. Endowments gifts for nonprofits can set up your organization to retain financial sustainability for years to come and showcase to donors that your organization to thinking about its future and growth over time. The Harvard University endowment is currently valued at over 53 billion […]