May 28, 2023
July 30, 2022

Joanne Oppelt’s High ROI Fundraising System

Joanne Oppelt’s Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System is one nonprofit veteran’s take on building proper organizational infrastructure. As a nonprofit executive director, you have limited resources to meet Increased demands. You must attract talent while competing with for-profit wages. You need to upgrade your technology to ward off cyberthreats. You want engaged board members to carry your message into the community. And, because the funding pie seems to be shrinking, there is no end in […]
October 30, 2022

Good Board Members – How Do You Find Them?

Good Board Members – How Do You Find Them? is Joanne Oppelt’s take on one of nonprofit’s great mysteries. Here’s what Joanne has to share: This article contains expert tips on how to find good board members. In my experience, most board members are good people who know next to nothing about nonprofit governance. Yet, your board is the most valuable leadership asset your nonprofit has. Board members teach the community how to interact with […]
October 30, 2022

Nonprofit Star Quest Fundraising & Leadership Summit

Joanne Oppelt’s Nonprofit Star Quest Fundraising & Leadership Summit celebrates a unique capacity-building conference and how it will benefit you and the organization you serve. VISIT HERE TO MAKE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY RESERVATION TODAY Here’s what event host and expert fundraiser Joanne Oppelt has to share about the 2023 Nonprofit Star Quest Fundraising & Leadership Summit: Sixty-hour-plus workweeks. Juggling finances. Dealing with staff crisis. Taking a stance with that board member who is always in the […]