June 17, 2024
April 26, 2024

[PODCAST] Cultivating Donors by Adding Value

Cultivating Donors by Adding Value Anyone who works in fundraising dreams of a world where everyone automatically cares about and supports their mission without even having to be asked, but that is just not our reality. In our actual world, donors are people who have lives and jobs and responsibilities and even if they do want to support the mission, they don’t want to be treated like an ATM machine. This is where the importance […]
April 30, 2024

The Hidden Hero: How Product Managers Drive Impact in the Non-Profit Sector

As philanthropy and community engagement take center stage in the ever-changing world of non-profit organizations, product managers’ contributions are frequently overlooked. Their customer-centric attitude and strategic acumen, however, have tremendous potential to propel organizations to success and increase their social influence. By combining knowledge from conventional product development with the novel concept of social impact, let us explore the many ways in which product management helps non-profits. Product management, what is it? Finding problems, creating […]
May 9, 2024

[PODCAST] Subscription Model Philanthropy

Subscription Model Philanthropy – Dave Raley If the average person looked at their bank statement for the month, how many subscriptions do you think they would find? Between streaming services, delivery services, and apps, it’s probably more than we realize! The subscription mindset has taken over our society and in today’s episode host Meghan Speer sits down with Dave Raley to talk about how nonprofits can increase their recurring giving through it. As a consultant, […]
May 11, 2024

[PODCAST] What Makes Donors Tick, Click, and Give? – Moshe Hecht

What Makes Donors Tick, Click, and Give- Moshe Hecht What would happen to your fundraising strategy if you knew your donors beyond their names and addresses? What would happen if you could understand their passions, connections, and social circles? For many organizations, this would be a game changer in influencing how marketing dollars are spent and how messages are crafted. With the new options available to AI, this idea is now within easy reach and […]