March 24, 2023
September 7, 2019

Jimmy LaRose Charity Champion – Video

Jimmy LaRose Charity Champion is the title I came up with for an article after experiencing LaRose’s keynote address at NANOE’s 2019 Board of Governors’ Convention & Expo titled Overcoming the House of Org. Granted, I’d already read his industry best-selling book RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY but was astonished by his onstage charisma and the brazen way he confronted the outdated practices and broken leadership that’s rampant throughout the nonprofit sector!
March 5, 2020

Jimmy LaRose Insists, “Donors Are More Important Than Clients or Causes”

Jimmy LaRose Insists, “Donors Are More Important Than Clients, Causes or People.” is meant to take you behind the scenes and provide you some select insights about how you (the donor) operate. I’d also like to help you sort out what works for you when you give, guide, and support charities.