January 18, 2022
October 14, 2021

A Late Start Doesn’t Have to Mean Low ROI on #GivingTuesday

Late start on #GivingTuesday Planning? No worries. We have a guide that will help you maximize the days remaining until November 30th. Before we get started though, take a minute to look at the value of this pseudo-holiday to your organization. Undoubtedly, every nonprofit should be participating to some degree in #GivingTuesday. The movement raised nearly 2.5B in 2020 alone and the potential for matching funds is ubiquitous with #GivingTuesday. That said, the greatest return […]
October 13, 2021

Delight Your Donors Guide

Delight Your Donors Guide Do you want to get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to reaching out to your donors? Of course you’ll probably say “yes” to this question if you came to this Delight Your Donors Guide. Building relationships with donors can be crucial to the mission and success of a nonprofit. If you can manage to delight them, you’ll likely find that their support and endearment to your […]
October 13, 2021

Photo Release Template

Photo Release Template What needs to be included in a Photo Release? A model release form isn’t a standard document. This is because they can vary in terms of the legal jargon used, the content, the protection level, and more. In this template, you will find a fill-in-the-blank release form to make collecting photo rights easily! This download is free for Cause Network members. We’ve taken the best of Nonprofit Hub, Cause Camp, and Do […]
October 13, 2021

Social Media Guide

Social Media Guide The World Wide Web has certainly owned up to its name—it’s huge. The Internet and everything in it is constantly growing, and social media is no exception. With so much growth happening online, keeping up with the latest thing can feel like you’re always running to catch up. You want your organization to have a thriving Facebook page or Instagram profile. But, getting there isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re offering nonprofits […]