June 19, 2024
October 8, 2021

Andy Jones Leads Roundtree

Andy Jones Leads Roundtree is Inside Charity’s take on his expertise in the charitable space. Andy Jones is the founder and managing director of Roundtree, a leading donor-focused marketing agency for faith-based organizations. Andy blends strategy with storytelling to help organiza- tions reach their next level of growth. Having served in nonprofit organizations for 15 years, he understands their unique challenges and constraints. In 2020, Roundtree’s clients raised over $100M. Under Andy’s leadership, Roundtree is […]
March 3, 2022

Andy Jones’ Nonprofit Fundraising – It’s a Marathon

Andy Jones’ Nonprofit Fundraising – It’s a Marathon is one expert’s take on how to think about the raising of money. Here’s what Andy has to share: I recently completed my first marathon. I learned some important life lessons through the training process. My only regret about the process was not having started sooner. I’m in my mid-forties and my body is not as easy to train as it used to be. Nevertheless, it is […]