December 9, 2023
April 14, 2020

Nonprofit Answers to COVID-19 Questions – Jack Horak

Nonprofit Answers to COVID-19  was written  by Jack Horak who proposes that the CORONAVIRUS allows nonprofits to ponder two related questions: First, how will the crisis affect existing nonprofits? Second, how will it reshape the charitable sector? The first question is easy.  Weaker nonprofits will fail, and stronger ones will survive.  It’s  a tough thing to say but it’s true, and candidly, in my experience the failure of an entity does not mean the mission […]
April 18, 2020

Major Donors Answer Fundraising Question: Should My Nonprofit Ask Now?

Major Donors Answer Fundraising Question: Should My Nonprofit Ask Now? was written by Phoenicia Miracle is based on major donors who responded to her recent blog, “What Should We Do Now? Each answer is from a unique donor, from someone who has said yes for years to non-profits across numerous sectors. Like ours, their worlds have also changed, and here are their thoughtful responses to our most pressing question: Here’s what Phoenicia discovered. “Should Fundraisers […]
April 22, 2020

Nonprofits Need to Ask For Money NOW – Louis Fawcett

Nonprofits Need to Ask For Money NOW! The fastest way to get the most money for your mission is through ASKING individuals and families. You are not asking for yourselves, you are asking on behalf of the children and families you serve. Never before has your mission been more important! The biggest mistake nonprofits make during crises is taking a passive stance as it relates to major donors. Too many executives are afraid to ask […]
May 3, 2020

Charity is Facing an Extinction Level Event – Kathleen Robinson

Charity is Facing an Extinction Level Event is Dr. Kathleen Robinson’s insight into the precarious journey nonprofits must now navigate as a result of COVID-19. Here’s what she has to share: A potentially extinction level event is occurring in the nonprofit sector.  All nonprofit leaders are faced with critical decisions about the survival and well-being of their organization, staff, customers and finances right now.  Many nonprofits nationwide have already made major changes as they attempt […]