December 9, 2023
May 1, 2022

Cynthia Young – How Nonprofits Work

Cynthia Young – How Nonprofits Work reveals one writer’s perspective on who, what, where and why nonprofits. Here’s what Cynthia has to share: Not every reader understands what an NPO is and what its members do. Thus, first of all, it’s necessary to define the basic concepts. NPOs are any nonprofit organization that does not pursue the goal of making a profit and dividing income among its members. There are more than a dozen legal […]
May 1, 2022

Robbie Heeger Says, “All Nonprofits Now Accept Crypto!”

Robbie Heeger Says, “All Nonprofits Now Accept Crypto!” is a fascinating article about a nonprofit organization (with an uncommon name) that’s breaking new ground. Blockchain-based nonprofit Endaoment has launched the Basic Needs Fund, a collaborative effort that aims to bring housing, water and food to critically underserved and marginalized communities around the world. Together with Feed the Children, charity: water and New Story, Endaoment will utilize its fundraising platform to harness crypto assets and have […]
May 18, 2022

Datasource Provides Nonprofits Screening Services

I recently had the privilege of performing a nationwide executive search to install a new CEO for a exceptional nonprofit that serves women who have survived the horrors of sex-trafficking. Their program is unique and their clients are very special. An important part of my interview process involved hiring the right agency to perform comprehensive background checks on each candidate PLUS I wanted to make sure each potential hire understood the crucial role background screening […]
May 21, 2022

Cause Inspired TechSoup Partnership

Cause Inspired TechSoup Partnership announces a new partnership between two nonprofit industry giants. SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla., May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cause Inspired & TechSoup recently formed a partnership where Cause Inspired will provide Google Ad Grant Management Services to 1.3 million nonprofit organizations that currently benefit from TechSoup’s products and services. The goal of this collaboration is to help nonprofit organizations enhance their social impact and achieve their missions. TechSoup is a global leader that equips […]