July 14, 2024
September 21, 2023

ICONIC Rewards – Ratingless Performance Management

ICONIC Rewards – Ratingless Performance Management uses successful “Strategic Workforce Planning” as the key for all organizations striving to achieve sustainable productivity. Matching current and future skill requirements with existing staff and planned recruitment efforts is vital to achieving organizational goals. This is true for all companies, but  even more so for nonprofit entities. Nonprofit organizations are facing new and evolving challenges that necessitate creative solutions setting them apart as competitive employers. The current tight labor […]
September 28, 2023

Nonprofit Fundraising Technology Trends

Nonprofit fundraising technology trends and keeping up with them are one of the main goals for any nonprofit. Outside of reaching its target audience, the main goal is to reduce its overhead. With so many advancements in technology on the horizon, from AI processing to VR tours and more, it’s no wonder the modern nonprofit takes advantage of digital innovation to lower overall costs and increase fundraising opportunities. Here, we cover some of the more […]
September 29, 2023

Louis Fawcett Says, "Everything You've Learned About Nonprofits Is Wrong"

Louis Fawcett Says, “Everything You’ve Learned About Nonprofits Is Wrong” is an introduction to the author of the new book RE-IMAGINING NONPROFITS: Turning Your Mess Into a Masterpiece. Here’s what Fawcett’s publisher Jimmy LaRose has to share about the author: Throughout his book, “Outliers” Malcom Gladwell repeatedly refers to the “10,000-hour rule” He asserts, “To be considered truly experienced within a certain field of work, you must practice it for ten thousand hours in order […]
September 29, 2023

Grand River Agency Put NANOE Ahead of The Social Media Curve

Grand River Agency Put NANOE Ahead of The Social Media Curve celebrates a superior NANOE Member that raises the level of visibility of nonprofit organizations everywhere. In only three short months, Grand River Agency has posted over 2,100 NANOE billboards, articles, and short form videos USING NEW ONLINE TECHNOLOGY. Jimmy LaRose, NANOE Founder, says, “Go to any search engine, type in the word NANOE and see what’s happening on X, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tik […]