July 2, 2022
April 10, 2021

Biden Nonprofit Infrastructure Bill

Biden Nonprofit Infrastructure Bill is Inside Charity’s initial review of the “Build Back Better Recovery Plan.” On the heels of Congress passing the American Rescue Plan less than two weeks ago, the Biden administration is expected to soon introduce another major funding package that includes billions of dollars for nonprofits, schools and early childhood education. Citing anonymous administration sources, multiple news outlets, including The New York Times and CNBC, reported Monday that roughly half the proposal would focus […]
April 3, 2021

NANOE’s 2021 Convention & Expo – April 20-21

NANOE’s 2021 Convention & Expo will be hosted live and online April 20-21, 2021. Are you the type of executive who doesn’t go to conferences & seminars anymore? You figured out long ago that wasting valuable time on worn-out re-treaded workshop topics wasn’t for you. Or maybe you remember the time you were sitting in a keynote address and realized you should be the one presenting because you knew more about the topic than the […]
March 21, 2021

Nonprofit American Rescue Act Stimulus Bill 2021

Nonprofit American Rescue Act Stimulus Bill 2021 takes a broader view of the different ways nonprofits benefit regardless of one’s political view. President Biden signed the $1.9-trillion coronavirus relief package into law and includes billions for nonprofits and public service. The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, authorizes federal spending for much needed economic relief and poverty alleviation. There are a number of provisions directly impacting nonprofits, thanks in large part to the efforts of many […]
March 6, 2021

Borya Shakhnovich says E-Signature Tools Help Nonprofits Streamline

Borya Shakhnovich says E-Signature Tools Help Nonprofits Streamline is an article by the CEO of airSlate. Here’s what Borya has to share: Nonprofits have always been faced with striking a balance – despite wanting to focus all of their time and attention on serving their causes, many have been forced to spend a significant amount of time, money and resources on paperwork and managing documents. The pandemic has posed an additional challenge for nonprofits as they […]