December 9, 2023
November 12, 2021

GreenPath’s Christmas Says Give Less

GreenPath’s Christmas Says Give Less is InsideCharity’s take on a new holiday giving perspective suggested by a group of accomplished experts. As we enter the Christmas season, conversations continue about rising prices and potential product shortages expected during the holidays. The business sector is encouraging consumers to ‘not wait until Black Friday’ to begin holiday shopping. Affirm research shows that 48% of 2,000 surveyed consumers intend to spend more money on the 2021 holidays due […]
November 12, 2021

MassMutual Gifts King Boston $1M

MassMutual Gifts King Boston $1M is 501c3.Buzz’s take on two organizations coming together to honor mutual values. This significant grant will support development of King Boston’s Center for Economic Justice and other community efforts in Boston. Boston, MA (November 10, 2021): King Boston, a nonprofit working closely with the City of Boston and the Boston Foundation to create an inclusive and equitable Boston for all, today announced that it received a $1 million gift from […]
October 10, 2021

Black History 365 w Walter Milton & Joel Freeman

Black History 365 w Walter Milton & Joel Freeman is Inside Charity’s take on a charitable organization that will challenge everything you belief about African American history.  Black History 365’s U. S. History textbook (or ebook) documents the unique stories of Black persons, groups, and cultures in North America, beginning in Ancient Africa continuing to modern events and movements. This interactive history/social science textbook can be used independently or as supplemental text and includes interactive […]
October 8, 2021

Andy Jones Leads Roundtree

Andy Jones Leads Roundtree is Inside Charity’s take on his expertise in the charitable space. Andy Jones is the founder and managing director of Roundtree, a leading donor-focused marketing agency for faith-based organizations. Andy blends strategy with storytelling to help organiza- tions reach their next level of growth. Having served in nonprofit organizations for 15 years, he understands their unique challenges and constraints. In 2020, Roundtree’s clients raised over $100M. Under Andy’s leadership, Roundtree is […]