May 30, 2024
July 16, 2023

United Way, NANOE & Major Gifts Ramp-Up

United Way, NANOE & Major Gifts Ramp-Up is Jenny Lee’s, CEO of Rowan County of United Way, overview of her first-hand experience with a better way to build financial capacity. Here’s what Jenny has to share: As we look at the struggles we face at United Way with workplace giving and seeing the decline in revenue, we’ve had to look for ways to diversify our revenue. Last year alone, contributions to United Way nationally decreased […]
July 22, 2023

Rowan County United Way & Major Gifts Ramp-Up

Rowan County United Way & Major Gifts Ramp-Up tells a story about a veteran CEO’s commitment to major gifts fundraising. It is widely known that the most important factor leading to organizational success is LEADERSHIP. More specifically, nonprofits who scale their mission are led by STRONG CEOs. Jenny Lee, CEO of Rowan County United Way (RCUW) is that type of leader. Jenny has inspired her board, staff and volunteers to change directions to better solve […]
August 19, 2023


RE-IMAGINING NONPROFITS: Turning Your Mess Into a Masterpiece goes on sale November 28, 2023 (GIVING TUESDAY) Louis Fawcett is RE-IMAGINING NONPROFITS is a sneak-peek first look at his forthcoming book that confronts the piety prevents charitable leaders from changing and saving lives. Louis is the President of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives and has dedicated his life to leading our sector out of the wilderness. Here’s a first look at his riveting page-turner […]
September 17, 2023

Nonprofits North of Richmond w Louis Fawcett & Jimmy LaRose

Nonprofits North of Richmond is a chat between Louis Fawcett & Jimmy LaRose as they confront charity’s IVORY TOWER ELITES who better themselves at the expense of community organizations. Understand why leading national nonprofit association executives pass down self-serving demands to their “lessors” in a vain attempt to control their independent free-thinking colleagues. Here’s what Fawcett & LaRose have to share: Jimmy: Louis, you and I have spent the last decade performing a moral inventory […]