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[PODCAST] The Power of Social Captial: How Cause Work Can Transform Your Community
July 22, 2023
Nonprofits Raise Millions Using Major Gifts Ramp-Up
July 22, 2023
[PODCAST] The Power of Social Captial: How Cause Work Can Transform Your Community
July 22, 2023
Nonprofits Raise Millions Using Major Gifts Ramp-Up
July 22, 2023

Rowan County United Way & Major Gifts Ramp-Up

Rowan County United Way JIMMY LAROSE

Rowan County United Way & Major Gifts Ramp-Up tells a story about a veteran CEO’s commitment to major gifts fundraising. It is widely known that the most important factor leading to organizational success is LEADERSHIP. More specifically, nonprofits who scale their mission are led by STRONG CEOs. Jenny Lee, CEO of Rowan County United Way (RCUW) is that type of leader.

Jenny has inspired her board, staff and volunteers to change directions to better solve pressing social issues that impact Salisbury, NC. She has infused those around her with an energy that inspires both her team and local community leaders to work together for a common cause.

She knows leadership matters. It matters in good times and bad. It matters whatever the size, scope, and purpose of a charity. It matters when developing capital, growing operations, launching new programs and much more. Given the complexity of needs in Rowan County leadership matters now more than ever. What goes on in the minds and hearts of its leaders determines actions. In turn, leaders’ actions shape the outcomes of a nonprofit enterprise.


Rowan County United Way & Major Gifts Ramp-Up

Rowan County United Way has prioritized financial capacity-building.  Here’s what Jenny Lee has to share about a 2-Day Major Gifts Ramp-Up Conference and RCUW’s Major Gifts Ramp-Up Campaign:

United Way, NANOE & Major Gifts Ramp-Up

In the past I’ve been privileged to work with organizations across North Carolina. I’ve attended fundraising conferences, nonprofit state association events and industry workshops. I spent my time and money on these gatherings to stay up to speed on trends and to network with my peers.

For me personally, those days are over. We now live in different times and if I’m going to fly across the country for a multi-day in-person event it won’t be to hear retreaded PowerPoint presentations from 1995. It will have to be different. It will have to be special. I’m pleased to share that I’ve discovered that worthwhile experience.

It’s called Major Gifts Ramp-Up.

I had heard good things about MGRU over the years but finally took the time to attend their two-day event. Louis Fawcett and his team of veterans were daring, confrontational and provided exactly what 21st century nonprofits need in the way of training. Conventional methods of management and fundraising were challenged with humor and insight. Their expert faculty engaged the audience and inspired them to raise money in new ways that took my breath away.

Here’s what happened next. After much thought and important leadership meetings our United Way launched our own three-year Major Gifts Ramp-Up initiative named “The Heart of Our Community Campaign.” Here’s what’s happened so far.

1. We hosted an awareness event luncheon for 170 people including 80 new millionaires!
2. We raised $200,000 in 15 minutes at our signature ask event.
3. We turned a $1,000 donor into a $50,000 donor in three months time.
4. We’ve raised more money from new friends breaking all previous records!

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in Salisbury, NC for a Major Gifts Ramp-Up Conference Event that will challenge everything you believe about the raising of money.

Major Gifts Ramp-Up North Carolina
United Way of Rowan County
October 11-12, 2023
St. John’s Lutheran Church
200 W Innes St Salisbury, NC 28144
9am-4:00pm (Both Days)
Happy Hour (5pm)


Major Gifts Ramp-Up is not nonprofit management 101! Join us to learn how you can build the financial capacity you need to secure your future. Discover a new way…a better way to raise five, six and seven figure major gifts.

Over 19,000 nonprofit executives from across the U.S. have already attended a Major Gifts Ramp-Up Event. THEY LOVE THESE CONFERENCES (and so do their boards!) Why? Because this fast-paced and provocative training has been customized for the audience in attendance. Prepare to hear the truth in ways you’ve never experienced before. You’ll learn from the masters who defied convention and challenged the false thinking that keeps charities broke.

Who should attend? If you’re a CEO, CFO, COO, CDO, Executive Director, Development Director, Staff Member, Board Member, Pastor, Trustee or Volunteer responsible for the financial health of a nonprofit, ministry or church then you’ll want to make sure you bring as many people as possible to this training.

Tuition for a quality capacity-building conference could cost up to $850 per guest. We’re thrilled to share that a group of major donors have underwritten this event allowing us to offer tuition for ONE PERSON at $248 or UNLIMITED REGISTRATIONS for only $498.

That’s right, every member of your team can come for only $498. Please register today. This event will reach capacity soon.


We believe in you. We’re going to introduce you to all the wealthy donors in your community. How? We have their contact information and will share with you the five secrets to meeting wealthy donors for the very first time. Let MGRU’s faculty show you how to access the funding you need to accomplish your important mission.

I look forward to meeting you personally.

Until then I remain,

Sincerely Yours,

Jenny Lee, MSW

CEO, Rowan County United Way


P.P.S. Let me encourage you to start prioritizing your nonprofit’s cash flow. Did you know that the number one indicator of a charity’s ability to scale program is its capacity to add new staff? How then do you generate the millions you need to grow your mission? Whether you’re a brand new start-up, small, medium or large 501(c)3 organization the most efficient way to increase income is Major Gifts Fundraising.

About Jenny Lee

While studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in Wilmington, Jenny Lee discovered her passion for serving communities. She found her calling in nonprofit management while working at a homeless shelter, where she took on various roles with a focus on improving the agency’s efforts to provide food and housing for those in need. Lee pursued her dream by earning a Master’s degree in Social Work from East Carolina University and leading Rebuilding Together Pitt County. Her outstanding outreach efforts in the Pitt County community earned her the Lessie L. Bass Community Engagement Award and the Outstanding MSW Student Award from the ECU School of Social Work.

In 2018, Lee came back to her hometown and became a part of Rowan County United Way. She has achieved various awards, including the S&H Youth and Adult Services Excellence in Community Partnership Award. Despite her success, Lee remains dedicated to enhancing her knowledge by seeking out educational opportunities. She has earned a certificate in Nonprofit Organization Management from Duke University and has collaborated with the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives.

As the Executive Director, she has led Rowan County United Way to a successful transformation through the implementation of evidence-based practices in distributing funds. This has resulted in the creation of more effective and sustainable programs. The organization’s success in adopting this approach was recognized when it was awarded the Outstanding Local United Way in the southeast region in 2022. In addition to this model, Rowan County United Way has been actively involved in supporting their community. They have established a COVID-19 Relief Fund and organized nonprofit management workshops. They are now working on developing The Hub: A Center for Collaboration, which will offer a space for various entities such as nonprofits and businesses to collaborate and address the most pressing issues in Rowan County.

Rowan County United Way INSIDE CHARITY

131 W Innes St Suite 201
Salisbury, NC 28144
(704) 633-1802
[email protected]

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