February 27, 2024
January 1, 2018

Saint Pantaleon Foundation – Middle East Medical Missions

Saint Pantaleon Foundation is sending Dr. David & Autumn Smith from Summit Mississippi to Nazareth, Israel to help this predominately Arab community tackle Diabetes. Just like here at home the number of patients who have contracted this terrible disease in Nazareth has skyrocketed. Saint Pantaleon Foundation is committed to lowering the incidence rates that we are all too familiar with in our own communities. With experience at his own clinic in Mississippi, he serves 400 […]
February 24, 2018

Why Nonprofit Leaders MUST Continue Learning – Tracy Spears

Tracy Spears – Why Nonprofit Leaders MUST Continue Learning. You can’t lead anyone if you aren’t committed to your own personal growth. How can you be trusted to help cultivate other people’s potential when you aren’t living up to your own? It’s one of the biggest reasons people ultimately fail at developing other people…their people simply outgrow them. Most people are utilizing the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it.” Let me be clear…it’s okay to fake […]
February 26, 2018

Google Ad Grant Suspensions Begin Thursday – Sean Kerr

Several of Google’s new policies have already come into play with deadlines to meet requirements by Thursday, March 1st. If you have received a notification about impending suspension in your approved Google Ad Grant account or have had your account suspended due to one of the new policies, there is still hope. If you are reading about this right now
March 18, 2018

Finding New Donors in a Changing Giving Environment – Penelope Burk

In my previous blog, “Is Giving Tuesday Helping or Hurting Fundraising”, I referenced how this fundraiser is contributing to the over-solicitation of active donors and risking their future support. I agreed wholeheartedly, though, that Giving Tuesday is an excellent strategy for acquiring new donors, especially younger ones. How donors view not-for-profits and how