October 2, 2023
April 17, 2022

United Way & ACLU Roped Into BLM Controversy – Bishop Redfern II

Read below a word-for-word transcript shared by Black Live Matter’s Co-Founder, Patrisse Cullors and activist Nikkita Oliver’s frustration with the IRS Form 990’s transparency requirements. Cullors and Oliver roped the United Way and ACLU (ON VIDEO) into a white supremacy racist attack against black-women-led organizations.  They insist that 990 accountability has been weaponized against charities. Here’s the transcript and video: Nikkta Oliver: Here’s my first question. Have a new set of [Form 990] standards been […]
April 3, 2022

H. Hall Powell, Jr. Nonprofit Management Library – Bishop Redfern II

  H. Hall Powell, Jr. Nonprofit Management Library by Bishop Redfern II celebrates National Development Institute (NDI) Board of Director’s official opening of the world’s largest online collection of nonprofit management resources. The H. Hall Powell, Jr. Nonprofit Management Library resides with National Development
October 7, 2021

Lester Salamon Nonprofit Innovater…His Legacy Lives On

Lester Salamon Nonprofit Innovater Lives On is a testament to one of NANOE’s greatest influences. Dr. Lester M. Salamon, who died August 20, 2021, has been described as one of the world’s most prolific and influential scholars of nonprofit organizations. That we think of the nonprofit and civil society sector as a sector at all is due in large part to the work of early scholars in the field like Salamon and the research teams he galvanized. […]
May 30, 2021

NANOE America’s Nonprofit Network Exceeds 2,400 Members

NANOE America’s Nonprofit Network Exceeds 2,400 Members overviews National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executive (NANOE) exponential growth as explained by NANOE’s Board Chairman Bishop Redfern II. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. NANOE was established 2016 as an alternative to the failing establishment nonprofit associations whose memberships are in severe decline. Chairman Redfern insists, “NANOE Members are the innovators and critical thinkers THAT WILL CHANGE NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT FOREVER!” With laughter and inspiration Redfern promised, “the only way to change […]