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Cause Inspired Media Raises Millions With Google & Nonprofits

Cause Inspired Media NANOE

A different kind of marketing firm, Cause Inspired Media is a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations to manage their digital advertising. The Google Ad Grants Program has been at the heart of Cause Inspired Media’s mission since their inception. As experts, they excel in harnessing the power of Google Ads to increase capacity building for nonprofit organizations, which frees their staff to remain focused on mission-based work. Honed by their multi-disciplined Google-certified staff, Cause Inspired Media’s digital strategies bring greater engagement, donations, and sponsors to the clients they work with.

Cause Inspired Media utilizes the Ad Grant in very unique ways, targeting the needs of each organization they work with. For some, they focus mostly on encouraging direct donations, while for others, they focus on developing relationships with larger corporate donors, and building capacity. With their experience, they now manage over $47.5 million in Google Ad Grants, and have helped their clients reach over 2.1 billion people.

Cause Inspired Media has several nonprofit clients receiving the full benefits of the Ad Grant, $10,000 each month. Cause Inspired Media has increased the average targeted traffic to their clients’ websites by more than double, and they have even helped increase physical traffic to their clients events and fundraisers. Their success is linked to their understanding of the fact that nonprofit goals can often differ greatly from those of traditional for-profit companies.

Because of this, Cause Inspired Media aims to focus on several main directions to help organizations grow in event marketing, corporate sponsorship, volunteerism, donation development, and cause awareness.
Serving hundreds of nonprofits across the United States, Cause Inspired Media is a trusted partner for nonprofits looking for quality, expertise, and affordability in digital advertising. In addition to Google Ad Grants management, Cause Inspired Media provides Google search, display and re-marketing, social media management and advertising, responsive web design, and branding services.

Cause Inspired Media is a Google Certified Professional Agency

Not only is Cause Inspired Media a Google Partner , they are a ‘Google Certified Professional Agency.’ Google created the Certified Professional Community based on their high standards for Google Ad Grant management. Cause Inspired Media was one of the first members of this elite group, and has exceeded Google’s difficult standards.

According to Google, the goal of this new community of professionals is to help connect nonprofits with companies that specialize in both the Google Ad Grant and the nonprofit industry. Like Cause Inspired Media, Google recognizes that there are many nuances to consider when working with nonprofit organizations, so they have built this community of experts to help nonprofits make the most of the opportunities available to them through Google’s suite of services. Google explains, “The Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community was designed to enhance the Ad Grants experience for professionals and Grantees
alike. This community recognizes the network of agencies, consultants and trainers who look after nonprofits globally…”

As a member of Google’s Certified Professional Community, Cause Inspired Media has the ability to interact with Google’s Ad Grants team, and help guide Google’s future program strategies. Due to this relationship, Cause Inspired Media can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Google’s ever-changing policies, and their clients can be confident that their Ad Grant is being managed effectively.

Over the years, Google has earned a reputation for updating it’s policies and services at random, and without notice. For example, at the beginning of 2018, Google rolled out a set of new policies governing their Ad Grant program. The effect of these new policies has been greater than that of any other change in the history of the program, causing widespread repercussions positively and negatively.

Not only has Cause Inspired Media’s team become very accustomed to adjusting to Google’s policy changes over the years, but their ‘Certified Professional Agency’ status ensures that they are notified of potential policy changes ahead of the general public. Because of this, Cause Inspired Media’s team has the capabilities to effectively optimize each of their client’s accounts despite any policies that may impact them.

Cause Inspired Media is a Trusted NANOE Partner

Due to their vast industry knowledge, Cause Inspired Media has been a trusted partner of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives 2017 and has cultivated meaningful relationships with over 100 NANOE members. This partnership was developed based on a mutual passion for thoughtful nonprofit growth, advocacy, and innovation in the industry itself. Throughout this relationship, Cause Inspired Media has managed over $11 Million in Google Ad Spend for NANOE members alone, and has directed substantial targeted traffic to their websites.

By working with Cause Inspired Media, NANOE members are given the opportunity to procure the Google Ad Grant free of charge, and communicate regularly with one of their Digital Strategists. These Digital Strategists work with a dedicated team to guide their clients digital marketing strategy based on their goals and website content. Cause Inspired Media works with NANOE members to enhance their existing marketing strategies with highly-targeted, thoughtful digital strategies. By supplementing traditional marketing efforts with meaningful digital solutions, Cause Inspired Media consistently surpasses NANOE member’s objectives.

As a NANOE partner, Cause Inspired Media works with NANOE members to build creative and innovative campaigns that will advance their missions and expand capacity. If you are a NANOE member and are interested in working with Cause Inspired Media to enhance your digital marketing strategies, please contact Cause Inspired Media today!

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  1. We are interested in your services to help with a new life saving campaign for Florida’s retired racing greyhounds. We are a small national greyhound foundation, a member of the Federal workplace Campaign, and work with the Google Grant Program. Please contact me at 352-212-5878, Thank you Beverly Sebastian, CEO

  2. I have been asked to look into the Google grant for our non-profit community theatre Charlotte Players. I am unfamiliar with grants and would appreciate any help.

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