September 30, 2020
July 6, 2020
nonprofits vs communism

Nonprofits vs Communism – What Happens When You Give Everyone Everything?

Nonprofits vs Communism – What Happens When You Give Everyone Everything? is Maxie Carpenter’s addendum to his last post What of Socialism & Nonprofits? I’d ask all of us doing the work of human and social services to consider the following. Most don’t know that the English language is almost alone among major languages in having the
July 12, 2020
501c3 Staff Engagement

501c3 Staff Engagement – Platforming in Stages – Jayne Agency

In The Unexpected “Generation Gap” in 501c3 Staff Engagement Part 1 Establishing the Challenge, we discussed 5 Observations that we learned when we examined multiple 501c3s. One of the most prevalent of those observations was that each function – Staff, C-Suite, board, etc. – had assumptions on how the other functions were associated with
July 13, 2020
Maxie Carpenter Asks

Maxie Carpenter Asks, “Why Problems That Don’t Exist?”

Maxie Carpenter Asks, “Why Create A Problem That Doesn’t Exist?” is Maxie’s take on how the nonprofit sector should be responding to social unrest. Here’s what he has to share: I’ve been focusing very much on how recent events, beginning with the Pandemic, the tragedy in Minneapolis, and continuing with the protests and riots across the country,
August 26, 2020
5 Challenges Nonprofits Face

5 Challenges Nonprofits Face in 2021 – Maxie Carpenter

5 Challenges Nonprofits Face in 2021 is Maxie Carpenter’s take on some serious issues executives face next year. Here’s what Maxie has to share: As society evolves and changes over time, new problems and crises also arise. Fortunately, these new issues can also give rise to innovation, new solutions and some truly necessary new nonprofit organizations. COVID-19 has given rise to the most opportunistic era for Nonprofits we’ve ever seen. The following are the most […]