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[PODCAST] How To Thrive with Digital Fundraising Post-Pandemic

How To Thrive with Digital Fundraising Post-Pandemic

In this informative Nonprofit Hub Radio episode, host Delaney Mullennix interviews Nick Lynch, founder of Collidescope.io. They discuss how Collidescope’s social media analytics platform helps nonprofits thrive with digital fundraising post-pandemic by measuring digital impact.

Lynch shares his passion for nonprofits stems from being a Make-A-Wish recipient who survived cancer. Topics include leveraging social media as in-person events resume, using data to quantify digital influence, and optimizing nonprofit social media presence. Lynch gives tips on improving online strategies, noting the pandemic accelerated needs for digital fundraising.

He emphasizes strategic digital presence and execution to drive revenue. Lynch also shares good news about social tech startups empowering nonprofit digital capabilities. The episode provides best practices for nonprofits to maximize digital fundraising by fully utilizing data analytics and social media strategies. Lynch offers expertise on quantifying digital impact to support online fundraising and demonstrate success.

Nick Lynch has dedicated his career to building digital solutions to help brands identify and engage their target audiences online. Beyond business, Lynch has a personal passion for nonprofits stemming from his experience as a childhood Make-A-Wish recipient who survived cancer. When COVID-19 forced many nonprofits into the digital sphere, Lynch felt compelled to strategically solve the challenges of retaining supporters without in-person events. This motivation led him to create Collidescope, an all-in-one platform for social media measurement and data analytics. Collidescope empowers causes, influencers, and organizations to quantify their cumulative digital impact and bring much-needed transparency to nonprofit marketing. After analyzing over 2,900 startups, StartUs named Collidescope one of the top 5 Social Tech Startups to Watch in 2021.

With over a decade of expertise in digital media and advertising technology, Lynch understands what truly catalyzes revenue, performance, and innovation—execution. His experience across leading brands like MySpace, Fox, and Rubicon has enabled him to build profitable digital products throughout his career. Lynch has developed specialized skills in marketing technology to create dynamic online presence for companies. Nick has landed coverage in global print and broadcast outlets including TechCrunch, Yahoo, MediaPost, ClickZ, Adotas, Beet.TV and Forbes.

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