June 19, 2024
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[PODCAST] How To Thrive with Digital Fundraising Post-Pandemic
July 29, 2023
An Executive Director’s Guide: Board Confidence & Nonprofit Financials
August 2, 2023

Brooke Foley & Jayne Agency Tackle Case for Support

Brooke Foley & Jayne Agency Tackle Case for Support reveals an uncommon yet comprehensive approach to discovering clarity through alignment, brand strategy and case for support? Spend time with the Jayne Agency Team to comprehend your organization in ways you never dreamed possible. Press the play button above to see Brooke Foley tackle the complexities of truly understanding your nonprofit’s mission.

Jayne Agency partnered with National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives to explore how brand strategy impacts case for support. Here’s NANOE’s perspective on the important role case for support plays when building financial capacity:

Making the case is the quintessential task for any nonprofit and must reflect the unified vision of all the individuals responsible for organizational stewardship. The most important part of case development is not the end, but the process. Nonprofit C-Suite Executives that take the time to understand their purpose complete a task that changes the future of the institution they serve. Working through this process creates ownership and provides the organization sound direction giving supporters the assurance they need to make a partnership decision.

Brooke Foley & Jayne Agency Tackle Case for Support

When the “case for support” is finalized a “case document” can then be produced that answers many of the questions an individual, corporation, foundation, church, etc. would have regarding who you are, where you’re going, and why you’re inviting them to invest in your project and organization. Your “case document” is a written tool that gives board members, administrators, volunteers, and donors the confidence they need to advocate for you.

In the end, a properly developed “Case For Support” turns friends into CHAMPIONS. Here’s how it works:

1. Compelling case for support demonstrates that the agency is solid, knows where it’s headed, and understands the scope of its mission and fundraising campaign.

2. The process of determining the case enables board members, administration, staff, and volunteers to provide feedback which creates ownership of the nonprofit’s vision.

3. Field testing a case document allows the board of directors to measure support in the philanthropic marketplace before going public with an investment opportunity.

4. The case document assists a nonprofit in recruiting volunteer leadership to advocate on behalf of an exciting new project.

5. A case document establishes a basis for all other campaign materials (e.g.: campaign newsletter, press releases, gift prospectus, direct mail, brochures, etc.).

6. Ultimately, a case statement is used to motivate individuals to participate in three ways: by contributing with their finances, advocating, and volunteering.


  1. Statistical Info About Population You Serve
  2. Organization’s Mission Statement
  3. Organization’s Vision Statement
  4. History & Heritage of The Organization
  5. Important Organizational Milestones
  6. Concise Titles for Each Service/Program Offer
  7. Supporting Paragraph for Each Service/Program
  8. Intro Letter From Chair or Executive Director
  9. Client/Alumni/Volunteer/Donor Testimonies
  10. Previous Year’s Income & Disbursements
  11. Camera-ready Artwork of Logos/Branding
  12. Professional Photos of Executive Director, Board Chairman and Other Key Leaders
  13. Brief Bios On Executive Director, Board Chairman and Other Key Leaders
  14. Narrative On Why The Organization Is Unique. What special programs do you offer? What do you focus on with the population you serve? If there are other nonprofits providing similar services?  What justifies your existence? What makes you outstanding in your field of service?


  1. Is the document concise and easy to read?
  2. Are heart strings touched that motivate readers to participate with a gift?
  3. Does it demonstrate to the reader how their investment will impact lives?
  4. Is the heritage, longevity, and importance of your work communicated clearly?
  5. Does it lend credibility to the new plans you will be promoting?
  6. Is it published in a way that’s consistent with your existing branding?
  7. Is there white space?  Is it visually pleasing to the eye?
  8. Can an older person read the type?
  9. Does the cover invite the person to read the document?
  10. Does the document look attractive without looking expensive?
  11. Are your photographs relevant?  Are they clear and useable?
  12. Is it donor driven? Does it communicate how their goals will be accomplished?
  13. If any charts/graphs are used, are they relevant and simple?
  14. Does the information make sense?  Is it in logical/chronological order? Is it succinct?

Compelling case for support is the greatest gift you can share with a new friend (new donor). It opens their heart to your good and important work.

Jayne Agency. LLC is an agency of clarity specializing in brand, strategy, user experience and user research. Known for moving businesses forward quickly, and increasing the overall value of an organization through smartly strategic, wickedly creative, response driven solutions. With over 1600 hrs of diverse supply chain research from the perspective of the supplier, we are unique in our ability to help diverse suppliers establish their position and promise, while also helping enterprises establish enterprise wide socially responsible platforms in sustainability, supplier diversity and diversity, equity and inclusion. If you are a private equity firm ask us about our track record at expediting the alignment of people, profits and possibilities in ways that drive predictably in multipliers. It’s the exact same process we use to move diverse businesses forward and establish enterprise wide platforms. It all comes down to #brandclarity: know your worth.

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