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[PODCAST] The Power of Social Captial: How Cause Work Can Transform Your Community

The Power of Social Captial: How Cause Work Can Transform Your Community

In this inspiring episode, Nonprofit Hub Radio host Delaney Mullennix speaks with Eric Leslie, Founder/Lead Organizer of Union Capital Boston, about using cause work to transform communities. They discuss Leslie’s approach to community organizing through a mobile rewards app for volunteerism, relationship-building events, and leadership programs. These efforts create equity in Boston neighborhoods like Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan and East Boston.

Leslie shares how his passion for cause work stems from joining a youth organization as a teen. After earning his degrees, he worked in education before returning to his roots to launch Union Capital Boston in 2013. The organization’s vision is community collaboration for equity.

Key themes include community organizing, volunteerism, nonprofit strategy, and social justice. Leslie provides insights into developing strategic plans, engaging members, and tackling challenges in his role. He shares good news about the power of cause work to drive social change.

Eric Leslie is a Cambridge, MA-based father and founder of Union Capital Boston.

During high school in the 1990’s, he fell in love with community organizing after joining Project HIP HOP, a youth organization that trains young people to be cultural organizers. After receiving his B.A. at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Md., he relocated to Philadelphia, PA., to receive an Master’s of Education at Saint Joesph’s University.

He went on to spend his time as an educator in North Philadelphia, eventually becoming a Principal at KIPP Charter School. After returning to his roots in Cambridge, MA in 2013, he founded Union Capital Boston, where he currently works as Lead Organizer. 

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