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[PODCAST] Putting Humans over Technology in Nonprofits

Putting Humans over Technology in Nonprofits

Delaney Mullennix, host of the Nonprofit Hub Radio Podcast, interviews Tim Lockie of The Human Stack about Putting Humans over Technology in Nonprofits.

Lockie explains the concept of tech and human stack. This difference highlights the need to prioritize digital culture over constantly upgrading technology. He uses the analogy of the auto industry to illustrate how technology should serve humans, not the other way around.

Moreover, Lockie emphasizes the importance of developing human capacity and learning alongside investing in tech tools. He suggests that small teams focus on “drivers ed” to learn about technology’s potential. It’s encouraged that nonprofits understand the true purpose of technology in achieving their goals.

In summary, Lockie shares stories of nonprofits that have struggled with technology due to their over-reliance on the tech stack. This episode calls for a more balanced approach that prioritizes the human stack in the nonprofit sector.



Tim Lockie is CEO and Founder of The Human Stack℠, co-host of the Why IT Matters podcast, and uses he/him/his pronouns. His history with the nonprofit world and technology seems to be intertwined. 

Tim has 20 years of organization experience as a volunteer, youth worker, camp counselor, music instructor, foster parent, getaway driver for teens in danger, board member, finance director, bookkeeper, recruiter, and community administrator…the list goes on.

He has seen system deficiencies range from missed opportunities to damaged relationships in these capacities. Tim believes that Digital Transformation is affordable and scalable with nonprofits of all sizes and is obsessed with The Human Stack℠. You can hear more from him and his co-host Tracy Kronzak on the Why IT Matters podcast.


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