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[PODCAST] Your Nonprofit Identity

Identity & Rejuvenation for Nonprofit Pros

When passionate about your work, the tendency to be “all-in” is vital. Is “all-in” an excellent place to be, though? In this episode, Katie talks to Joe Dyer, the President of DISHER, about how rejuvenation, balance, and identity can prevent burnout and nonprofit turnover. Listen to learn how you can make a positive difference in your organization and community by recognizing that you’re a human BEING, not just a human doing. 

What does DISHER know about nonprofits?

The difference between nonprofit and for-profit businesses primarily comes down to tax status. DISHER is a for-profit organization that is entirely purpose-driven. This focus on a mission over money shows how they partner with nonprofits and community building. Joe Dyer’s current role is as the President of DISHER, but his background is in nonprofit leadership and Christian ministries. Joe references the concept of “steward leadership,” where he focuses on growing the assets entrusted to you and how this applies to for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Unlocking Identity & Rejuvenation: The Difference Between Being and Doing

Joe clarifies that taking a break or leaving your organization will not automatically equal rejuvenation. Rejuvenation comes when you recognize that you exist apart from what you’re doing (your job) and can find proper rest and change in that space. Consider what your anchor is – what do you hold fast to in times of trouble? You may want to look to something more significant if it’s your professional identity.

Find out what podcasts Joe is listening to and authors he’s found inspirational in the full podcast episode here>>

Meet Joe Dyer, an Expert in Identity and Rejuvenation

Joe Dyer is passionate about developing people, leading growth, and making a positive difference in our world as President of DISHER, a nationally recognized engineering, manufacturing technology, and talent recruitment firm headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan. The combination of Joe’s technical skills, character qualities, and strategic abilities uniquely equip him to guide the DISHER team successfully forward. Joe brings expertise in executive leadership, culture design and stewardship, automation, manufacturing, engineering, and innovation. His relational, trustworthy leadership style has created significant ripples of influence within the DISHER team and with customers and communities. Under his leadership, DISHER has achieved record growth, profitability, and community impact.

Joe graduated first in his class with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Western Michigan University in 2008. Upon graduation, he worked as a Manufacturing Engineer with Parker Hannifin. In 2013, Joe joined DISHER as a Manufacturing and Quality Engineer in project management, process development, automation, design, manufacturing, and quality. He led business initiatives and various teams and became a Team Lead for
Manufacturing Tech Solutions. In 2019, Joe transitioned to the role of Executive Pastor at his church before returning to DISHER as President-Select in 2021 and President as of January 1, 2022. He also has a Master of Ministry degree from Kuyper College, focusing on Leadership Development and Faith at Work.

Joe and his wife, Stefanie, have been married since 2008 and live in Byron Center, Michigan, with their two elementary-aged boys. Joe loves spending time with his family, friends, and neighbors, working around the house, and traveling.

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