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July 18, 2022
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July 25, 2022
Writing Stellar Grant Proposals Guide
July 18, 2022
How To Inspire and Recruit A New Generation of Donors
July 25, 2022

[PODCAST] How to Use Sports as a Tool for Good

Sports Fundraiser Ideas Abound

If your nonprofit uses a run, walk, or other -athon-style event to raise funds, you’re not alone! Athletics and fundraising work together by challenging both causes and donors to connect and compete for a good purpose. In this interview with Danielle Berman, the founder of Tackle What’s Next, we learn what is trending, what needs to stop, and what works when nonprofits use sports and athletics to further their impact.

Leveraging Sports and Athletes for More than a Fundraiser

Danielle encourages listeners to think beyond the traditional when incorporating athletes or sports into their nonprofit. Especially when it comes to approaching sports celebrities. Famous athletes get hit up for donations A LOT. Rather than going for funding immediately, think long-term and try to find individuals who have values or passions that align with your cause. Activism or advocacy is often easier grounds for connection than funding initially.

Danielle also provides excellent ideas and examples of nonprofits using sports to engage their community and create change. She has us thinking about making “Nonprofit Olympics” at Cause Camp!

Meet Danielle Berman | The Sports Fundraiser Expert

Danielle Berman has dedicated her career to helping athletes understand their full potential. She works to provide athletes with resources and a community to help them succeed in all aspects of their lives. Her focus on athletes as individuals rather than cogs in the sports industry machine has helped her create opportunities and impact in the sports space.

She has worked in events for eight years, ranging from large conferences, galas, 5K runs, dinners, weddings, roundtables, board meetings, and networking events. She’s been supporting virtual events regularly on Zoom, Airmeet, Clubhouse, and similar platforms for audiences ranging from 30- 3000 people.

From coordinating logistics on the event platform, creating agendas and run of shows, sending invites to speakers/panelists and attendees, and managing the event during, including managing Q&A, chat comments, and any tech issues with speakers/attendees that may arise.

Check Danielle out on the Tackle What’s Next podcast!

Shout out to our friends at GiveEffect for making today’s episode possible! It’s 2022, and it’s time to level up. Your organization deserves the best technology to thrive in the digital age and likewise, your donors deserve an easy giving experience. Our mission is to serve nonprofits by building the best nonprofit system, ever. Let us better your tech, so that you can better our world…


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