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[PODCAST] Donors Seek Transformational Giving

What is Transformational Giving?

Just think…on average, 88% of an organization’s major donors are not giving at their full capacity. Therefore, how could it impact your organization if 88% of your major donors gave more? 

That’s just one of the stats that Katie discusses with Bob Westfall of Westfall Gold in this episode. Bob shares findings from the 2021 Major Donor Generosity Report which elaborates on how nonprofits can turn transactional giving into transformational generosity. Wonder what that means? Think of it in terms of this question, for example:

If I give your organization support, what change will it create in a community or individual’s life? 

That is the question fundraisers need to ask themselves and their leadership! The days of $x.xx buys xxx meals are over. It’s now time to talk about how we transform lives while creating impact that fosters lasting change. Bob narrates this point with stories from his own fundraising career. In addition, he shares tips on how wealth research and peer events can help prepare fundraisers to elevate their support and donor engagement. 

Meet Bob Westfall

Bob launched Westfall Gold in 2002 with a singular mission: To help clients fund transformational impact around the world. Inspired by the Parable of the Talents, he has drawn on his experience in major donor development to build one of the country’s preeminent fundraising consultancies. To date, the Westfall Gold team has guided leading universities, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations in raising over $1 billion.

Bob is a recognized expert on major donor fundraising and is accredited as a Master Trainer by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. He also serves as a Director of The Giving Institute and is a highly sought-after speaker at leadership and development conferences around the world. He is the author of the motivational books The Fulfillment Principle and The Courage Factor. 

The Courage Factor

For further understanding of transformational giving and a little bit of inspiration, check out Bob Westfall’s book: The Courage Factor

Shout out to BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions for making this podcast possible!

Your mission is to help others. Our mission is to help you. 

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