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Inside Charity Post Election Thank You

inside charity post election thank you

Inside Charity Post Election Thank You celebrates the unity, civility and kindness that characterizes the nonprofit sector.

Inside Charity steers clear of the political arena and commenting on political parties and candidates. Conversely, we enthusiastically encourage everyone, no matter their beliefs, to actively participate in our democratic system of self-government. We’re grateful for the unprecedented way the American people embraced their most cherished privilege of all in the 2020 election — voting

in record numbers in choosing who should lead our nation.

At the same time, many Americans can’t help but be alarmed with how divided the nation has become. Unfortunately, this goes beyond supporting different parties, candidates and viewpoints. It has escalated to the point of disliking, mistrusting and being unwilling to work with those who share different ideas. America was founded on the powerful motto “E Pluribus Unum”, highlighting the fact that a cohesive single nation was formed to establish ideals that we still seek to fulfill today. During our first 243 years, we have thrived, grown, stumbled and failed yet despite our many faults our American values of hard work and when able, giving back, have made us the greatest nation in the history of the world. This has always meant pulling together during times of crisis including restoring civility amongst our citizenry.

Part of the healing our nation needs at this very moment can be found within the charitable sector.

Inside Charity Post Election Thank You

There are a million reasons we cherish our work with nonprofit professionals and volunteers. Now I’m going to make that list a million and one: Nonprofits provide a beautiful model for bringing people from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints together for the common good. When people choose to donate the precious gifts of time and money to a favorite non-profit or cause, they don’t research the political underpinnings of the organization. They invest their time and money because of their strong belief in the mission of the organization, and the way it touches, improves and save more lives. The variety of noble missions is virtually unlimited ranging from health care, education, economic development, culture and the arts, children, seniors, animal welfare and multiple human services.

Simply put, nonprofits bring out the best in people. They remind us that no matter how huge the problem or challenge is, that we can take matters into our own hands, and each of us in our own way, can make a difference. They vividly remind us that more is possible. Plus, they build bridges of understanding by rallying staff, board, donors, volunteers and others around a common vision of a better world. More than ever, we can and should highlight the nonprofit ethic of joining together to improve humankind, and the notion, by helping others, we are truly helping ourselves. Our work together ahead in overcoming COVID-19 and social injustice will be yet another powerful example of how much more we all share in common than what differentiates us.

Thank you for spending your vocational time ensuring other people experience life worth living. Your commitment to charity makes you a hero.

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Inside Charity Post Election Thank You was authored by nationally renowned fundraiser Jim Eskin and founder of ESKIN FUNDRAISING TRAINING.

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