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Jimmy LaRose Shares Switch Membership Organizations in 2020
Jimmy LaRose Shares, “Switch Membership Organizations in 2020”
December 30, 2019
Major Gifts Ramp-Up Jimmy LaRose
Major Gifts Ramp-Up Celebrates 30 Years Of Raising Money For Charity
January 3, 2020
Jimmy LaRose Shares Switch Membership Organizations in 2020
Jimmy LaRose Shares, “Switch Membership Organizations in 2020”
December 30, 2019
Major Gifts Ramp-Up Jimmy LaRose
Major Gifts Ramp-Up Celebrates 30 Years Of Raising Money For Charity
January 3, 2020

Top 10 “Can’t Miss” 2020 Nonprofit Conferences

2020 Nonprofit Conferences Jimmy LaRose NANOE Controversy

Here’s your list of 2020 Nonprofit Conferences you won’t want to miss! Inside Charity loves nonprofits. We are in awe of the important work you accomplish in your communities and around the world. There’s nothing more satisfying to our editors when you, OUR SECTOR’S GREAT CHAMPIONS achieve significant impact. With that said, one important aspect of your organizational growth involves Adult Continuing Education. We want to encourage you to financially invest in conferences and trainings designed specifically for your mission. We also know that your time and resources are often limited so we’ve done the research and have made a list of the Top 10 “Can’t Miss” 2020 Nonprofit Conferences. 

Here you go:

Favour Nonprofit Summit 2020 – Long Beach, CA
February 21-22, 2020 – Hotel Maya by Hilton

The Favour Nonprofit Summit is an annual gathering of purpose-driven, forward-thinking leaders with a vision to do good in the world. A 2-day, immersive experience in the Los Angeles area, the Summit educates, equips, and empowers nonprofit leaders to create, sustain, and scale their organizations for maximum impact. You’ll start the new year with a refreshed vision and, more importantly, the skills you need to bring it to life. Whether you’re in the early stages of developing your organization or you’re looking for new strategies to grow your nonprofit, we have the tools you need to do good, whatever that means to you.

National Religious Broadcasters – Nashville, TN
February 25-28, 2020 – Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Join thousands of media and ministry professionals for a four-day, jam-packed event! NRB 2020 offers unique opportunities to network with top ministry communicators, hear outstanding, internationally known speakers and artists, and be inspired by the latest and best insights and strategies from innovative media experts. Each year NRB hosts largest marketplace dedicated to ministry media professionals, the NRB Exposition is bustling with vendors, products and resources to help expand and enhance your media efforts.

Major Gifts Ramp-Up (National Development Institute) – Rogers, AR
March 18-19, 2020 – Center For Nonprofits St. Mary’s

This is our choice for the “#1 Can’t Miss Conference Event of 2020!” MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP is hands-down the best fundraising conference hosted in the U.S. according to the 16,000 nonprofit executives who’ve attended their regional events. MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP’s radical approach to financial capacity-building fundraising ensures charities of all receive the dollars they need to accomplish their important mission. This conference will challenge everything you believe about the raising of money and ensures 5, 6 & 7 figure major gifts are given to your charity in the shortest period of time possible. MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP is not nonprofit management 101! Their events are made possible by National Development Institute’s generous donors who believe charities need to apply free market enterprise principles to achieve significant impact. NDI’s world-renowned faculty will entertain, inspire and test your fundraising acumen (don’t forget to bring as many board members as possible.)

Nonprofit Technology Conference – Baltimore, MD
March 24-26, 2020 – Baltimore Convention Center

Join the NTEN community in Baltimore in March 2020 for the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference. You’ll be with more than 2,000 of your nonprofit colleagues, all learning how technology can serve their communities and help create change. With a wide array of useful and thought-provoking sessions and numerous opportunities to network, the 20NTC is designed to help you reinvigorate your work and bring that renewed passion back home. Nearly 200 sessions on topics covering technology management, program and service delivery, fundraising and development, operations, and digital communications and marketing. A career center featuring résumé review, speed mentoring, and a professional photographer to spruce up your profile pic. Community events including Birds of a Feather lunch tables, Dine Around gatherings, the Official 20NTC Party at the National Aquarium, and other self-organized meetups

Cause Camp – Lincoln, NE
April 20-21, 2020 – Nebraska Innovation Campus

Chosen by Forbes as one of the must-attend nonprofit conferences, Cause Camp draws in the best of the best when it comes to nonprofit thought leaders. And we wouldn’t dare make you choose one speaker over another. We’re proud to put on a one-track, complete conference so you’re not missing out on anyone—or anything. Cause Camp doesn’t employ your typical breakout sessions, either. Attendees have ample time to take in the full Cause Camp experience and interact with fellow do-gooders, speakers, staff and exhibitors. Everyone who attends the conference is there to work with you to solve real issues facing your organization, from trivial to complex. Pretty good bang for your buck, huh?

Eskin Fundraising Trainings – San Antonio, TX
May 13, 2020 – MassMutual Offices

Eskin Fundraising Training empowers non-profit board members, volunteers and staff to elevate their fundraising effectiveness, implement proven strategies, and acquire the mindset and confidence to take immediate steps that will result in rich relationships and gifts. Successful fundraisers know that you learn something valuable from every ask, whether the response is yes, no or maybe. But you won’t get any answer if you’re afraid to ask. Jim Eskin’s 10 Simple Fundraising Lessons will not only help you overcome that fear but guide you through common-sense steps that are well within the grasp of a non-profit organization’s board members, volunteers and staff.

Bridge Conference – Washington, D.C.
July 15-17, 2020 – Gaylord National Harbor

A record breaking 2,500+ fundraising and marketing professionals from around the world will gather for this premier conference! Join us, as the brightest, most creative and most world-changing fundraising and marketing professionals from every sector of our industry will gather for three enlightening days of dynamic keynotes, panels, workshops, networking and more. Learn about the latest strategies, techniques and most current innovations in all areas of fundraising and marketing related to: direct response, individual giving (major and planned giving), corporate giving and special events and much, much more. Breakthrough our industry’s toughest challenges this year by attending the 15th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference.

Tango Alliance’s Building Bridges Event – Hartford, CT
September 16, 2020 – Connecticut Convention Center

Tango Alliance is different and must be taken seriously as we consider our sector’s future. Here’s what separates Tango Alliance from other training groups…TANGO BUILDS RECIPROCAL BRIDGES BETWEEN FOR-PROFIT AND NONPROFITS. They’ve mastered the art of the “Win-Win” and share it in ways that will startle you. What’s equally impressive is their “BUILDING BRIDGES EVENT” is FREE to any and all charitable executives ready to supercharge financial capacity. Join them and collaborate with their corporate sponsors and subject matter experts who will teach you how to build enterprise engines that increase your revenue. Tango events also address best practices for your Boards of Directors, Management Teams, Employees, Clients and overall company mission!

Faith & Fundraising Summit – Minneapolis, MN
October 20-21, 2020 – River Valley Church

National Development Institute’s Faith & Fundraising Summit has broken all attendance records with over 7,000 Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Faith-Based Executives participating in this life-changing 2-Day Celebration. One of the distinct advantages your ministry or church enjoys is your privilege to receive financial funding from congregants, donors, corporations & foundations who already care about the people you serve (but may not know about your impact!) If you’re responsible for a Local Church, Regional Ministry or International Mission you need to know that there are hundreds of thousands of philanthropic dollars available to underwrite your important mission. Attend Faith & Fundraising to receive the dollars to pay your staff, install new programs and build the infrastructure you require to accomplish God’s call. Don’t forget the important truth Solomon discloses in Ecclesiastes 10:19. When it comes to accomplish ministry success in a broken world, “Money is the answer to everything.”


NANOE’s Board of Governors Convention & Expo – Columbia, SC
April 20-21, 2021 – Embassy Suites Convention Center

This one is limited to executives who are serious about charity. Are you the type of executive who doesn’t go to conferences & seminars anymore? You figured out long ago that wasting valuable time on worn-out re-treaded workshop topics wasn’t for you. Or maybe you remember the time you were sitting in a keynote address and realized you should be the one presenting because you knew more about the topic than the special speaker? The National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives has good news for professionals who know the value of capacity-building are ready for a continuing education challenge worthy of their tenure and experience. As you know, “Charity” has been paralyzed by a set of failed “best practices” that turned the Non-Profit Sector into a Non-Growth Sector decades ago. Present day systems were established in the late 1950’s by industry associations that knowingly persist in methodologies detrimental to the general public. In response, NANOE’s Board of Governors Convention & Expo connects nonprofit executive from all 50 states to renowned thought-leaders, practitioners, volunteers, academicians and philanthropists. Their annual conference is based on New Guidelines for Nonprofits that supercharge financial capacity building in ways previously thought to be impossible.

Much blessing and success on you in the New Year. Thank you for reviewing our Top 10 “Can’t Miss” 2020 Nonprofit Conferences

Top 10 “Can’t Miss” 2020 Nonprofit Conferences was written by Dr. Kathleen Robinson and first posted at InsideCharity.org

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