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2020 Nonprofit Conferences Jimmy LaRose NANOE Controversy
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December 31, 2019
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Jim Eskin publishes 10 Simple Fundraising Lessons
January 4, 2020

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Celebrates 30 Years Of Raising Money For Charity

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Jimmy LaRose

Major Gifts Ramp-Up celebrates it’s 30th anniversary in 2020 thanks to the generous donors of National Development Institute (NDI). The Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ Model has transformed charity based on founder Jimmy LaRose’s belief that when donors, foundations and corporations invest in civil society a child’s health, a student’s dream or a family’s future is made secure. Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ allows charities to nurture and leverage philanthropy by supplying funders the trust they require to financially invest in a nonprofit’s mission. National Development Institute (a charitable organization in its own right) and has trained over 17,000 executives, donors, volunteers, staff and board members across six continents who serve human welfare, education, health care, the arts and environment.

LaRose is not only the architect of the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model he’s the designer of the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Cloud and executive producer of all Major Gifts Ramp-Up Training Events held around the world.


Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ Model

The MGRU Model turns everything upside down and inside out. Let’s suppose for a moment that you run a food and clothing bank. Convention would say that your primary customer is a person who is hungry and your mission is to provide them nutrition. Conversely, how would your management, operations, and fundraising change if the mission of your food bank went something like this: “Heart of Hope Food Bank exists to provide community volunteers, advocates, and donors the organization they need to provide food and clothing to the homeless, hurting, and hungry.” This mission statement makes THE DONOR YOUR PRIMARY CUSTOMER…NOT the person who is at risk. Therefore, everything within your management culture changes when you base your mission on meeting the needs of the volunteers, advocates, and donors your organization now exists to serve. What’s the outcome? Exponentially MORE people receive the food, clothing, and services they so desperately need.

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Celebrates

Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ Cloud

The Major Gifts Ramp-Up Cloud™ super platform has been designed to support organizations who successfully implement the Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ fundraising model. Recognized as the world’s largest nonprofit digital resource library, the MGRU Cloud includes thousands of documents, tutorials, presentations, manuals, videos, audios, curriculum and exams vital to enhancing your nonprofit’s performance. Fundraisers save hundreds of hours as they CUT-AND-PASTE their way through projects using fresh material they now own. CLICK HERE to download a PDF overview

CLICK HERE to Preview the Major Gifts Ramp-Up CloudMajor Gifts Ramp-Up Celebrates

Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ Events

NDI is one of the leading providers of nonprofit training conferences in the world today. Participants experience fun, fast-paced, professional training in all areas of nonprofit management including:

• Major Gifts Ramp-Up for Human Welfare, Education, Healthcare, The Arts & Environment
• Faith & Fundraising Summit for Churches & Ministries
• Nonprofit Consultant’s Training Conference

NDI’s faculty is comprised of professional men and women who have dedicated their entire careers to the charitable sector. NDI Alumni include executives, funders, clergy, volunteers, staff and board members from across the globe.

VISIT HERE to learn more about Major Gifts Ramp-Up Events

VISIT HERE to learn more about NDI’s Faith & Fundraising SummitMajor Gifts Ramp-Up Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Here’s what your peers have to say about Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model, Cloud & Events:

“Major Gifts Ramp-Up is the ‘Best-of-the-Best!’ All I’ve received are ‘thank you’ and ‘praise‘ for bringing this event to Jackson! Our partner agencies and local nonprofit programs received what they needed to grow TODAY (not later!) MGRU’s expert faculty used humor & grace to inspire all who attended. I highly recommend this program for both you and the community you serve.”

United Way of the Capital Area
Carol Burger – President & CEO

“I’ve spent the last week receiving email messages, phone calls and personal visits thanking me for bringing Major Gifts Ramp-Up to the Gulf Coast. Our agencies LOVED IT! This spectacular 2-day capacity-building conference was daring, confrontational and exactly what our organizations needed in the way of training. Conventional methods of management and fundraising were challenged with humor and insight. Their expert faculty engaged our grantees and inspired them to grow revenues in new ways that work. Prepare for significant change if you give your community the gift of Jimmy LaRose. Feel free to call me with your questions!”

United Way of Southwest Alabama
Cliff Grimes – President & CEO

“Bringing Major Gifts Ramp-Up to New York was right for our board, campaign staff, partner agencies and all the nonprofits in our community. This program was challenging, educational, fun and allowed our executive directors to interact with senior fundraising professionals for 2 full days for only $148 per person (for $298 you can send as many people as you’d like.) Simply put, Major Gifts Ramp-Up is the most comprehensive training and support platform I’ve ever seen. We have had nothing but positive feedback from all of the agencies that came. This was a real win!”

United Way of the Greater Capital Region
Brian Hassett, Chairman & CEO

“Two words…AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Missouri’s Major Gifts Ramp-Up Event was provocative and pushed our agency directors to ‘re-imagine’ their roles as CEOs! (I’ve received only positive comments from those who attended.) Jimmy LaRose challenged us to see charity through a new lens and then gave us the tools we needed to change. Our own United Way staff were inspired and are now poised for unprecedented campaign success. If you believe in nonprofit capacity-building than this program is for you.”

United Way of the Ozarks
Debi Meeds, CEO

“Having served nonprofits for the past 40 years, I thought I’d seen everything! Then I attended Major Gifts Ramp-Up New York and experienced Jimmy LaRose’s brilliant performance before 130 nonprofit executives. His unbounded enthusiasm, comic timing, exceptional sense of theater and insights into nonprofit management will change the way you view yourself and the raising of big gifts. This conference is a must-see, especially for those who think they’ve seen it all!”

United Way of Ulster County
Stacey Rein, CEO

“Congratulations as Major Gifts Ramp-Up celebrates its 30th Anniversary! United Way of Northwest Oklahoma recently hosted Major Gifts Ramp-Up for our partner agencies (organizations funded by our Venture Grants) as well as other nonprofits in our community. Personally, I found Major Gifts Ramp-Up to be challenging, paradigm shifting and exactly what our organizations needed in the way of training. Conventional methods of fundraising were challenged with humor and insight. Their expert faculty engaged our grantees and inspired them to build capacity in new ways that work. Prepare to increase revenues if you put in place what you hear at these seminars. Feel free to call me with questions!”

United Way of Northwestern Oklahoma
Pamela Ballard, CEO (retired)

“Major Gifts Ramp-Up is a spectacular program that’s both exciting and inspirational. Get as many of your agencies to attend because there are multiple ways the Major Gifts Ramp-Up can benefit you, your agencies, and your whole community of non-profits. I’ve been doing UW for too many years to mention and I’ve never heard Alexandria offer these solid methods of finding your way in front of the big donors in your community… especially the ones you don’t even know are there!”

United Way of Okaloosa & Walton Counties
Ken Hinrichs, CEO (retired)

“We brought this event to Florida and found Major Gifts Ramp-Up to be the most important, provocative & entertaining capacity-building conference we’ve ever experienced. NDI’s Faculty were energized, outrageous and challenged everything our partner agencies believe about the raising of money. I highly recommend you give the gift of Major Gifts Ramp-Up to your community!”

United Way of Brevard County
Rob Rains, CEO

“Our agency directors, staff and volunteers not only enjoyed Major Gifts Ramp-Up but were inspired by the case studies and success stories their faculty shared during this 2-Day Event. The success of our time together was further evidenced by the different directors who continued their work with NDI beyond the conference to implement the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model. We look forward to bringing them back!”

United Way of Escambia County
Andrea Krieger, CEO

“The Faculty of National Development Institute will inspire your agency leaders to rethink the way they raise money. Check all of your pre-conceived notions at the door and open yourself up to a brand-new approach to capacity-building that really works. Our agency partners, staff and volunteers loved this event and were inspired by the big ideas their veteran team members had to offer. We look forward to bringing them back!”

United Way of North Central Florida
Deborah Bowie, CEO

Our sincere congratulations to NDI as Major Gifts Ramp-Up celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary!


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Kathleen Robinson
Kathleen Robinson
During her fifty-year career, Dr. Robinson worked in community and regional support systems development for at-risk families, children and youth organizations, community-based literacy systems, holistic family centers and nonprofit human services organizations. In addition, her focus has been on systems-based approaches to community planning and policy development, and social impact assessments of various community change projects. Her expertise is rural, integrated community development. Dr. Robinson previously served as Director of the Center on Neighborhood Development and the Director of the Center on Nonprofit Leadership within the Institute on Families and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University (1998-2009). She also co-lead in the development of the Institute’s PHD program in International Family and Community Studies. Prior to her work at Clemson University, she was Associate Director and Research Professor at the Institute for Families in Society and Director of the Division on Neighborhood Development at the University of South Carolina (1995-1998). From 1981-1995, she was a tenured Assistant and Associate Professor in the College of Agriculture and Human Resources (Department of Human Resources), an Associate Professor in the College of Social Sciences (Department of Urban and Regional Planning), and Research Associate in the Center on Youth Development at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In 1977, she and her husband moved to Hawaii where she was a Research Associate in the Culture Learning Institute at the East-West Center (1978-1981) before joining the UHM faculty. From 1975-1978, she was a senior graduate assistant and Research Associate in the Nonformal Education Institute at Michigan State University working on a multi-million dollar USAID project in Indonesia to enhance the nation’s teacher training college system to include, among other things, an emphasis on community development initiatives. In addition, she served as Vice President of Program and Publications for Pioneer Girls, a faith-based, interdenominational, international girls club, camp and women’s leadership development program (1970-1975). From 1967-1970, she was a graduate assistant in the College of Education at Texas Women’s University working on marine biology science curriculums for inland schools, and a science teacher in the Denton Texas public school system. While studying at Moody Bible Institute, she founded and directed an out of school child and teen development and literacy center in two housing projects in Chicago, as well as founding and hosting a radio program at WMBI (1964-1970). Dr. Robinson testified several times before the U.S. Congress, several states’ legislative bodies, and the United Nations. She served as a consultant to numerous state social service, health, juvenile justice, governors’ offices, environmental, and municipal agencies. Internationally she was a consultant to 28 international organizations, including several divisions of the United Nations, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, ASEAN and the All Union (USSR) Academy of Sciences, Asian Development Bank, Asian Institute for Technology, Australian Commonwealth’s Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Canadian International Development Agency, Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute, European Centre For Social Welfare Policy and Research, the German Development Bank, German Ministry of Education, Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, and the U.S. Peace Corps. She has received numerous awards and recognitions from her work, including several fellowships and an Award of Distinction from the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges for her leadership of a national task group to add new science understanding to what was offered through schools and colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources across the U.S. She was awarded the University of Hawaii Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching in 1990, the highest award given at UHM. She also has received awards of distinction from the U.S. Peace Corps and USDA for her community development work. At the University of South Carolina, she was recognized for her contributions to research productivity, and received three faculty excellence awards while at Clemson University. Texas Woman’s University honored her in 2015 with the Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award and, that same year, the National Development Institute awarded her their 25th anniversary Nonprofit Leadership Award. In 2017, the National Association of Nonprofit Executives and Organizations honored her with their first Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award. She received letters of commendation from three states’ governors for her work in enhancing various aspects of human service delivery systems. Having traveled and worked in 151 countries, she is a recognized leader in rural community development in a variety of national and cultural contexts. She retired in 2009 from Clemson University but remains affiliated with the Institute as an Adjunct Professor. Since her retirement, she has remained active in leadership roles within two charter schools, National Development Institute and the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives. She currently lives in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

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