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World Pediatric Project Is FOX NEWS Power Player of the Week

World Pediatric Project was featured by veteran newscaster Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday’s Power Player of The Week. Wallace’s fast-paced interview celebrated the significant impact World Pediatric Project has in medically under-sourced countries around the world. Susan Rickman, World Pediatric Project CEO, shared, “Imagine your child needing heart surgery, brain surgery, or another form of highly complex procedure WITH NO ACCESS to a skilled surgery team, technology, equipment, or post-operative care needed to support their healing? WPP bridges these gaps ensuring families receive the medical care they so desperately need.”

Rickman went on to say, “For parents confronting this circumstance in low resource countries the medical options are not only scarce but dangerous for all involved”

Since 2001, World Pediatric Project has delivered an estimated 25,000 specialist services to more than 12,000 children. In addition to this significant lifesaving and life-changing impact, WPP today has evolved a distinctive and effective model for bridging this menacing gap in access to surgical care. WPP’s model mobilizes volunteer and contributed pediatric specialist resources in a prudent, data and collaboration-driven approach which maximizes the immediate and long-term sustainable value of this outreach to each of WPP’s partner countries. Because this model is scalable, the potential exists to save thousands more lives each year. Bringing pediatric specialist care to places where advanced medical doesn’t exist is the core of World Pediatric Project’s humanitarian outreach. WPP mobilizes dozens of pediatric diagnostic and surgery specialist teams each year ensuring more than 2,000 children receive diagnostic or surgical care in their home countries or regions.

Congratulations Susan Rickman and the dedicated team at World Pediatric Project. WPP Headquarters is located at 7201 Glen Forest Drive Suite 304 Richmond, Virginia 23226. Telephone 804-282-8830

World Pediatric Project Is FOX NEWS Power Player of the Week was first featured at 501c3.Buzz. World Pediatric Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization with a mission to heal critically ill children and build healthcare capacity in the world. WPP hold’s the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives Best Practice Charity Medillion for achievement in social impact.

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