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7 Spring Fundraisers to Delight Your Donors

Spring is in full bloom, which means a whole new season of fundraising opportunities are headed your way! By taking advantage of the sunshine, gorgeous weather and plentiful holidays spring has to offer, you can make spring fundraisers the best of the year.

1. Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter just around the corner, this timeless, family-friendly event doubles as the perfect way to raise money for your organization. All you need are some plastic eggs, candy to fill them with and an open green space—and don’t forget to acquire the proper permits if you’re holding it at a park! Donations will come primarily from registration fees, but if you find yourself with some eggstra resources (get it?), you can hire an Easter Bunny and charge attendees to take pictures with him!

2. Golf Tournament

Encourage members of the community to hit the links for a good cause at a golf tournament fundraiser. The entry fee should get donors a round of golf, a cart, balls and a lunch or drink reception afterward (where you can sneak in even more fundraising opportunities, like a raffle or silent auction.) Your golf course of choice might even donate some of the associated costs! Make sure the winner of the round gets a cool prize!

3. Flower Arrangement Class

Nothing says spring quite like flowers, so host a workshop that teaches donors the basics of floral design. Charge a participation fee that provides guests with all the flowers and tools they’ll need to make an awesome bouquet, wreath or crown. Then all you’ll need is proper instruction and complimentary refreshments.

4. Community Picnic

Gather families in your town for one big picnic! Set up tables and chairs in an open space or encourage guests to bring their own blankets. Local grocery stores and restaurants might be willing to donate the bulk of the food. The menu is up to you, but it’s hard to go wrong with sandwiches or fried chicken. Potluck picnics can also help lower the cost and provide a larger sense of community. You can charge a general entry fee or encourage donations throughout the day.

Get as creative with this event as your budget allows—add yard games like cornhole and frisbee, a face-painting station, bouncy houses, live music or whatever else you can think of to spice things up!

5. Spring Cleaning

One of the reasons people put off their spring cleaning is because they don’t know what to do with all their unwanted stuff. So, if your organization is a homeless shelter or a community organization that gives to families in need, take it off their hands! Supporters can declutter their houses and drop it off at your door or arrange a pickup.

Or, if you’re the one with the junk, throw your own garage sale. Set up shop at your office or a well-trafficked public space and sell items in exchange for donations. Let your supporters know about this ahead of time so that those who have some things to give away can help you make some extra cash.

6. Egg Dying

Dying and decorating eggs can be just as fun as hunting for them. Promote the event in advance, then set up tables in your office space or a public garden or park. Provide dying kits, paint, glitter, crayons and, of course, hard-boiled eggs. Your donations will mostly come from registration fees, but you can add in a little competition by placing jars in front of each set of eggs and having attendees vote for their favorites with cash.

7. Field Day

Donors will love reminiscing on their elementary school days with a field day fundraiser! This idea is a little equipment-heavy, but it also has the potential to be the most fun. Include all the classics, like a water balloon toss, tug-of-war tournament, sack races, three-legged races and more. Guests can cool off and relax afterwards with a popsicle, just like grade school, or you can turn it into a party by selling grown-up drinks and snacks throughout the day.

If you liked these spring fundraisers, we’ve got you covered for the whole year. Check out our fundraiser ideas for the summer, fall and holiday season!

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