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National Giving Month Proclamation: Is It Worthy of Your Signature?

National Giving Month December Giving Makes Us Human Jimmy LaRose

National Giving Month Proclamation: Is It Worthy of Your Signature? – Jimmy LaRose

We’re please to announce that over 8,991 thoughtful American Citizens have signed the proclamation making the month of December our Country’s Official National Giving Month. Once we reach 10,000 signatures our U.S. Senators, Congressman and the White House will offer a legislative resolution celebrating the generosity of our 310 million households. Because of friends like you we only need 1019 more signatures to reach this important goal!

Visit Here: National Giving Month to sign it today!

I met a person over Thanksgiving who, from her own overflowing cup, shared a drink with another. She possesses that lethal combination of self-awareness and abundance that destroys destitution and fellowships another into provision’s wake. She gave from what she had…not from what she didn’t have. It was both magnificent and startling, for, without effort, she made another person’s life worth living.

It’s the Holiday Season once again, and as I consider the countless diverse ways concerned leaders achieve impact (sometimes even working against each other) I wondered if there was at least one unifying idea upon which we all could agree. An Axiom, if you will, that could bind us together during this time of joy and celebration. Well, here it goes:

“If a person or a thing possesses life, it is better that, for a determinate period of time, this someone or something should be alive, rather than dead. And that, during that finite span and inherent to their animation, there is a hierarchy of needs that, if met, dignifies the life being lived. Simply put, it is a better thing that one lives, and if they live, experience a life worth living.– Jimmy LaRose

National Giving Month December Proclamation

Is there any import? What’s the payoff?

Here’s a possible outcome.

These ideas allow us to RESPECT any and all attempts, successes, and failures others employ to help another. The countless ways a philanthropist contributes to another’s life worth living is fraught with subjectivity. For some may believe that…

…Sharing religious beliefs improves another’s life
…Saving the oceans improves another’s life
…Contributing to arts and culture improves another’s life
…Giving canned goods to the food bank improves another’s life
…Ensuring families have access to counseling improves another’s life
…Investing in breast cancer research improves another’s life

Regardless of one’s political persuasion, politics, theology, or method…PHILANTHROPY demands an appreciation for the diverse and innumerable ways others help others. These thoughts, actions, and generosities are the cornerstone of a foundation upon which civil society has been built for 4,000 years.

Citizens who sign the National Giving Month Proclamation declare…

…out of the abundance with which I’ve been entrusted…

…I contribute to another person’s life…

…ensuring that they, like me, experience live worth living.

For those of us who possess a life full of love and abundance, and are in no danger of lack, let us heed the words of the wise man who said…

“I would rather have it said, ‘He lived usefully,’ than, ‘He died rich.’”

Allow me to implore you to SIGN THE PROCLAMATION:

Visit Here: National Giving Month to sign it today!

Thank you for spending a few moments of your time with me. I look forward to meeting you personally. I look forward to the journey we’re about to share together.

National Giving Month Proclamation: Is It Worthy of Your Signature? was authored by Jimmy LaRose

Jimmy LaRose has a lifelong passion for “people who give” and has inspired philanthropists around the world to change the way they invest in nonprofits. His belief that donors are uniquely positioned to give charities what they truly need – leadership rather than money – is the basis for his work with individuals, governments, corporations and foundations, in the U.S., Europe, Asia & Middle East. Jimmy, in his role as author, speaker, corporate CEO & nonprofit CEO champions all of civil society’s vital causes by facilitating acts of benevolence that bring healing to humanity and advance our common good. Now, in his twenty-seventh year of service, his message that money is more important than mission and donors are more important than people or causes has resonated with policy institute scholars, social activists, doctoral students, business leaders, think tanks, nonprofit and NGO executives who rely on him and his team of veterans to meaningfully grow their charitable enterprise.

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