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[PODCAST] The #1 Handbook for Impactful Storytelling

The #1 Handbook for Impactful Storytelling

In this episode of Nonprofit Hub Radio, host Delaney Mullennix interviews Kristin Surkaw,  a Nebraska native with a knack for finding and telling nonprofits’ best stories. Kristin uses her interpersonal skills and experience as a professional counselor to master the art of interviewing and has shared her top tips in the #1 Handbook for Impactful Storytelling.

You can find her book, “StoryFind: The Handbook for Finding and Telling Your Nonprofit’s Most Impactful Stories”, online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Whether you’re a founder or employee at a nonprofit, StoryFind will give you the skills to craft your organization’s most compelling narratives to engage donors and drive support.

Delaney and Kristin discuss the art of nonprofit storytelling and that the work is two-fold, an equal amount of work goes into finding the best story before you tell the best story. They also discuss the five steps to impactful storytelling in the handbook, including several chapters dedicated to interviewing. 

Kristin Sukraw is a professional storyteller, executive producer at StoryFind Films, licensed mental health practitioner, and national speaker. She has worked with large international nonprofits, small shops, and everything in between to bring their stories to life and help them accomplish their fundraising goals.

Kristin began her career as a mental health counselor but soon found herself immersed in the world of film production for nonprofits. Through her work at StoryFind Films, she has worked with hundreds of individuals to give voice to their stories, all while helping nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars through storytelling. Kristin’s greatest passion is helping people find their voice and sharing their stories with the world.

When not on the road interviewing or speaking, Kristin lives in the great state of Nebraska with her husband and business partner, Mike, daughter, Izzy, and black fluffy cat, Lily.

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