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Grand River Agency – Nonprofit’s Social Media Experts

Grand River Agency Nonprofit's INSIDE CHARITY

Grand River Agency – Nonprofit’s Social Media Experts is an introduction to the charitable sector’s #1 SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN TEAM. Kelsey Boudin and his team of experts are strategic communications leaders who AMPLIFY NONPROFIT MESSAGING. Their staff is comprised of accomplished journalists who ensure charities STAND OUT in the ever growing, complex (and competitive) digital realm. Here’s what Inside Charity has to share about Grand River Agency and YOUR social media campaign needs.

Many digital marketing vendors promise outstanding results via cookie-cutter strategies that often leave organizations struggling to resonate in “all the noise.” Grand River Agency (GRA) is here to make that job simple – and affordable – for greater return on investment.  

In the dynamic world of nonprofit communications, adaptability and growth are not just ideals, but prerequisites for success. Over 90% of nonprofits do not have a digital marketing strategy, in any form. Don’t let that be the case for YOUR organization! Here’s a little more for our friends in charity to consider for unprecedented adaptability, capacity and growth. 

We All Have a Story to Tell. Let’s Tell It Well!

Grand River Agency takes a journalistic approach to digital communications. Staffed by former journalists who specialized in promoting the nonprofit sector and community-oriented missions, GRA believes: “We All Have a Story to Tell. Let’s Tell It Well.”

But much like with nonprofit fundraising, some organizations on their own struggle to strategize digital marketing effectively. NANOE has long believed in the power of nonprofit branding. (Related reading: Jayne Agency – 10 Elements of Nonprofit Branding.) Social media marketing is a powerful catalyst for nonprofit branding in the 21st century. 

Unfortunately, for many nonprofits – especially on tight budgets – a full-time digital media manager is cost-prohibitive. The median annual salary for a social media marketing and communications manager in the U.S. is nearly $115,000. Grand River Agency is committed to providing the power of journalistic storytelling via social media for a mere fraction of a full-time salary.

But Why Journalism in Social Media Marketing?

Grand River Agency President and Founder Kelsey Boudin is a six-time NYS Associated Press award-winning journalist. GRA employs only accomplished journalists to ensure your nonprofit storytelling is fine-tuned and truly impactful.

“As a news journalist, I wrote and produced over 10,000 full-length articles and features for publication,” said Boudin, who launched Grand River Agency in March 2020. “The key takeaway from that experience was learning to make stories sing in 500 words or less. Social media goes a step further – telling nonprofit stories succinctly and impactfully – because you have only so many seconds and characters to paint a picture.” 

Charitable initiatives demand attention. NANOE members deserve that level of storytelling because, as we know, there will always be a significant subset of the population underserved by the government and private sectors. Gaining that attention further demands robust communications capacity powered by Grand River Agency.

Social Media Posting for Nonprofits Isn’t Enough

It’s not enough to post weekly or daily. Organic posting alone doesn’t cut it. Nonprofits must “leverage” social media for maximum impact. “Leverage” is the operative (and optimal) word, because nonprofits have myriad tools at their disposal to help them POST WITH PURPOSE.

Nonprofits have access to EXCLUSIVE resources, from the Google Ad Grant to reduced-price software memberships to social media training opportunities. Grand River Agency is here to help NANOE members navigate ALL of them. 

Grand River Agency – Nonprofit’s Social Media Experts

Don’t be like the more than half of nonprofits that lack a social media marketing strategy.  Even fewer have a strategic plan and fundraising blueprint for long-term sustainability, which NANOE is also here to support. All of these tactics are intertwined to appeal to those who benefit from and financially support vital community missions. 

Headquartered in Olean, NY, Grand River Agency bridges the gap by offering a visionary opportunity to pursue nonprofit social media, an investment that nurtures capacity building and growth previously only enjoyed by BIG BUDGET organizations. 

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