October 2, 2023
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[PODCAST] Nonprofit Search Engine Marketing – Google & Microsoft Grants

Nonprofit Search Engine Marketing – Google & Microsoft Grants

In this Nonprofit Hub Radio Podcast episode, host Delaney Mullennix sits down with Nichole Vander Wall, a search marketing coach who guides nonprofit marketers worldwide on leveraging their Google & Microsoft grants for consistent in-house lead generation. Vander Wall’s expertise spans from small grass-root causes to large-scale institutions like museums and zoos, and her international experience in search marketing further enriches the conversation.

Delaney and Nichole explore intriguing facets of Vander Wall’s life, including the personal story behind one of her tattoos. They delve into the critical subject of search engine marketing for nonprofits, its relevance, and its transformative potential. Listeners gain insights into the nuanced differences between the Google and Microsoft ad grants and how nonprofits can harness these resources to reach broader audiences without straining budgets.

Vander Wall expresses her enthusiasm for the “DIY nonprofit” concept, detailing the benefits of training nonprofits to handle their grant management internally. She shares an inspiring success story, bringing to life the practical application of her coaching approach. In the “Good News for Nonprofits” segment, Vander Wall shares uplifting news from the nonprofit sector that could stir optimism amongst listeners.

Nichole Vander Wall – Search Marketing Coach


Nichole is a search marketing coach who empowers nonprofit marketers to generate consistent leads from their Google Grant in-house. She works with Nonprofit’s all over the world from small grass-root causes to large museums and zoos. 

Before launching her coaching business, Nichole worked for 7 years in search marketing between the United States and Australia.

Her passion is teaching by doing and she hopes by encouraging curiosity and building confidence in nonprofit marketers that organizations can make a greater impact.

Shout out to our friends at Lasso for making today’s episode possible!


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