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NANOE Launches Social Media Campaign For NANOE Members

NANOE Launches Social Media Campaign For NANOE Members is a new initiative headed up by Lisa Van Zyll (NANOE’s Member Relation’s Director) that celebrates the important work of NANOE Members. Here’s what Lisa has to share:

For years we’ve prized email as a primary mode of communication to provide nonprofit decision-makers, like yourself, a way out. “A way out?” you ask. Yes, a way out from under the constrictions of nonprofit management and fundraising models that stopped being useful before many of us were born. (That’s no exaggeration.) 

Email was, and still is, a great way to communicate with you for tips and tricks, event promos, and evolving wisdom. The “MONEY IS OXYGEN” motto took root right here for over 200,000 members, who aimed to succeed by finally achieving financial goals. You’ve turned to platforms like NANOE and Major Gifts Ramp-Up to acquire the tools and knowledge to effectively guide your corner of the nonprofit world. 

Today, we’re doubling down – quadrupling, more like it – on our digital communication with you. We’ve recently ramped up our social media presence in a variety of ways. We’re committed to reaching where you “live” in the digital realm – whether you prefer the fast-paced vignettes of Twitter, methodical and informative LinkedIn updates, or visual inspiration via Instagram. 

Here’s how we’re celebrating YOU!

First, we’re honoring NANOE Members who achieve NANOE Credentials. Second, we’re featuring NANOE Member’s expert articles about nonprofit management at NANOE News. Third we’re highlight NANOE Member’s nonprofit mission at 501c3.Buzz. THEN we post all this good news on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube.

NANOE Launches Social Media Campaign For NANOE Members

See below the list of platforms that we use to cross-market NANOE Members (Follow us. Like us. Interact with us. We’re happy to have a conversation, wherever and whenever you see fit!):


NANOE Twitter

Jimmy LaRose Twitter


NANOE Facebook

Jimmy LaRose Facebook

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Facebook


NANOE LinkedIn

Jimmy LaRose LinkedIn

Major Gifts Ramp-Up LinkedIn



Jimmy LaRose YouTube

Major Gifts Ramp-Up YouTube

NANOE Launches Social Media Campaign For NANOE Members (More To Come!)

Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and even TikTok are fair game when it comes to giving the gift of knowledge to SUPERCHARGE OUR NONPROFIT FUNDRAISING and RE-IMAGINE PHILANTHROPY.

Stay connected to our social media platforms to be “in the know” the second we put something out.

1. Daily Expert Insights

You’re familiar with our content on nonprofit fundraising, management and philanthropy by expert nonprofit leaders and consultants who’ve collectively RAISED BILLIONS of charitable dollars. Our social channels highlight the latest blogs, videos and more from Major Gifts Ramp-Up to 501c3.buzz, and everything in between.

2. Major Gifts Ramp-Up & NANOE Virtual Training Events

The next Major Gifts Ramp-Up event is always right around the corner. And let’s not forget our NANOE Virtual Training webinars. We’ve developed these training opportunities to inspire newer, more effective ways of approaching philanthropy, and to provide expert insights from marketing to board development. Follow us to know what’s next.

3. Certified Nonprofit Credentials & Continuing Education

NANOE offers THREE capacity-building training certifications that will give you the recognition of meeting a superior standard for growing your nonprofit – and others. Get started with your next upskilling challenge. Follow us to learn more about certification courses and other career advancement opportunities.

4. NEW Ways To Re-Imagine Philanthropy

The whole point is to challenge what’s mistakenly considered conventional wisdom about Major Gifts decisions. There’s a reason golf tournaments, annual dinners and countless grant applications don’t work anymore. Follow us to see this world of charity differently. We’re promoting the new edition of my book, Re-Imagining Philanthropy, as well as other current and upcoming works by our experts.

Yours In Philanthropy,

Lisa Van Zyll

Member Relations Director

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