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April 15, 2023
[PODCAST] Do Nonprofits Really Put People Over Profits?
April 21, 2023
[PODCAST] Accidental Fundraiser to Fundraising Beast
April 15, 2023
[PODCAST] Do Nonprofits Really Put People Over Profits?
April 21, 2023

Healthcare Benefits for Nonprofits By benePerks

Healthcare Benefits for Nonprofits By benePerks

Healthcare Benefits for Nonprofits By benePerks introduces a new way charitable organizations can provide employee benefits. Here’s what the team from benePerks® has to share:

As the healthcare industry reels from one challenge after another, the cost of care continues to rise. Nonprofit organizations struggle to provide health plans to employees that are affordable and easy to access while containing their own expenses. With more out of pocket expenses, higher deductibles, and higher premiums, employees are more reluctant to seek care from a provider.

Nonprofit organizations have to also factor into the equation, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, community engagement, and staffing. With all these responsibilities, finding an affordable solution for benefits can be overwhelming.

When nonprofits do offer traditional medical plans, most employees cannot afford to use their plans. Many Americans have skipped medical test and treatment due to cost with most saying they have a problem paying for their basic healthcare bills. Overall, this shift results in fragmented care, expensive outcomes, and overall healthcare avoidance by employees.

Healthcare Benefits for Nonprofits By benePerks®

With the arrival of Covid-19 in 2020, healthcare providers were challenged with an already strained system. Telemedicine services were available, however completely underutilized. Before Covid-19, the diagnosis and treatment of the common cold was available through telemedicine, it just wasn’t the most popular way to receive care and not offered by all major medical providers. Not to mention, not all telemedicine services were the same. With the advancement in virtual direct primary care, patients can now leverage a system where data records are shared and attending physicians have a record of your medical history during the diagnosis and treatment of an illness over the phone or by video.

Direct primary care is so essential that if everyone in the U.S. saw a primary care provider 1st for care, it would save the U.S. an estimated $67 billion every year*. Studies have shown that people who utilize direct primary care have better health outcomes, including lower rates of all causes of mortality*. DCP screen for many things such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Care can be provided at a low-cost fee not leaving the patient with additional out of pocket expense for routine care.

A defining element of DPC is an enduring/trusting relationship between a patient and care provider. Having someone you trust to advise you to see a specialist can prevent illnesses from developing or worsening. Also, while being referred to a specialist, having a dedicated DPC helps personalize your care and save time.

benePerks® is now available Direct!

We at benePerks® have a special appreciation for nonprofits who provide public service, while making the world a better place. benePerks® focus is on small business with the core belief everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare.

benePerks® Direct offers a nationwide Direct Primary Care plan with unlimited DPC visits and unlimited urgent care visits starting at $99 a month for member only. Family plans are also available. To learn more, visit https://www.beneperksdirect.com

Healthcare Benefits for Nonprofits By benePerks was first posted at Inside Charity

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Healthcare Benefits for Nonprofits

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