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[PODCAST] Turning Website Visitors into Donors with the Google Ad Grant

Turning Website Visitors into Donors with the Google Ad Grant

In this episode, we speak with an expert in the field of nonprofit marketing, Judson Aulie, who shares his experience in helping nonprofits succeed. He discusses the importance of the Google Ad Grant for nonprofits. Did you know that this grant can increase the your organization’s visibility and reach? Judson provides historical insight about the Grant, including performance data and its potential use in the future.

Judson then delves into specific strategies for maximizing the use of the Grant.

Strategies such as:

  • The importance of keyword research & how to conduct it effectively
  • Tips on creating search-focused content
  • Clear calls to action to generate leads

Finally, he offers some “good news” for the nonprofit sector, highlighting recent developments and successes. Tune in for valuable information on effectively utilizing this Grant for your nonprofit organization.

Judson Aulie is the founder and managing director of Click Nonprofit in 2019. This organization specializes in helping nonprofits expand their reach and impact through the Google Ad Grant, content writing, and SEO. Click Nonprofit helps nonprofits acquire and manage the Google Ad Grant.

This Grant is one of the most valuable tools in your nonprofit toolkit if you know how to manage it well. Judson will show you how to spend your entire $10K monthly budget and attract thousands of cause-minded visitors to your website each month. He will also show you the best way to get these new visitors to actually convert and become long-term donors and volunteers for your organization.

Shout out to our friends at Donorbox for making today’s episode possible!


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