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[PODCAST] The Importance of Inclusive Hiring Practices
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January 2, 2023

2023 Nonprofit Trends You Need to Know

2023 Nonprofit Trends You Need to Know

Trends come and go, But staying on top of new trends will give your organization opportunities to grow. So, we dug into all aspects of the nonprofit sector. This article will provide insights into everything from tech to team building. Some of these 2023 nonprofit trends may not be a surprise to you. But others may make you reconsider your plan for the upcoming year. 

Read on to learn more about what to expect in the upcoming year. 

 Taking Advantage of LinkedIn

The first 2023 nonprofit trend to watch is LinkedIn. LinkedIn will become the social platform for nonprofits and nonprofit pros to utilize. LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity to shed light on your nonprofit’s mission and build your professional network. 

The platform has roughly 300 million active users each month. But here’s the kicker – only 1% of those users are posting. Only 3 million users share content weekly on LinkedIn. If you build up your profile and highlight your nonprofit in your posts, there are good chances it will be seen and shared. You won’t compete with as many user posts. Your content may reach the audiences you want. Aren’t you sure where to start? No worries – the Nonprofit Hub team talked to LinkedIn marketing pro Anthony Jones and discussed ways you can utilize the platform. 

 The rise of “donate now, pay later” fundraising platforms.

So what is a “donate now, pay later” fundraising platform? It’s just as simple as it sounds. Donors can donate and pay for their gift over time or later, while the nonprofit receives it upfront. 

BGenerous gives “donors the convenience of paying over time, but nonprofits get the money upfront, making the donor process much less stressful on everybody.” 

Givezy is also a similar platform. They “allow donors to split their payments over time so they can make a more significant gift today” and other flexible options. 

Companies like BGenerous and Givezy are innovating how donors can give to nonprofits. Consider utilizing their software to change up your fundraising plan in 2023. 

 The importance of internal team building and professional development

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage in the workforce. Nonprofits see a revolving door of employees coming and going. More and more organizations feel the repercussions of short staff. Nonprofits should look forward to finding ways to retain their staff. There will be an increased focus on internal team building and how to keep employees over a longer term. 

Nonprofits will also be more likely to invest in their long-term employees or those who wish to grow with their mission. Providing professional development for staff members will showcase the organization’s investment in their team. When the professional grows, the nonprofit can grow. Consider signing your team up for nonprofit conferences, courses,, or other continuing education.

 Continuing with a flexible work environment 

One trend we’re sure to see keep up in the flexible work environment established in response to the pandemic. Nonprofits organizations will continue to see remote job opportunities. In addition, some organizations are implementing 4-day workweeks in the summertime. It’s easy to get burnt out in the nonprofit sector, and having a flexible schedule and work environment can help address that issue.

 Working smarter, not more complicated, by implementing technology

At Nonprofit Hub, we use technology to create automations, schedule content, and track engagement. Tech is our best friend. Technology can be your best friend, too. With a small staff and turnover, implementing tech to work for you is essential to saving time and money. In 2023, more organizations will turn to tech to help with the workload. With fundraising platforms that can help identify donor trends and CRMs to schedule and plan your subsequent campaigns, nonprofits will increase their focus on trying out new technologies. Looking for trusted tech businesses to partner with? Check out our Good Referral resource directory!

 Increased focus on donor retention 

Another 2023 nonprofit trend to consider is the focus on donor retention. We will see a more disciplined approach to donor retention in difficult economic times. Finding and developing relationships with new donors takes time and effort. With a murky outlook for the upcoming economy, nonprofits must create a strategic approach to donor retention and hold onto their established donors. Nonprofits will focus more on planning, tracking,, and implementing campaigns to ensure successful rates. Remember to create a baseline by utilizing the donor retention calculator

 The 2023 nonprofit trend to diversify revenue

We work for nonprofits. We’re not economists. We’re not sure what the 2023 economy will hold. However, the economic predictions for 2023 look gloomy. This is why nonprofits need to diversify their revenue streams. Nonprofit organizations can no longer rely upon one funding source. The donors you counted on may provide a smaller gift than you always received. The federal grants you applied for might not go through. The event you host may have fewer attendees. 

Organizations should not put all their eggs in one basket. Think of multiple ways to keep your nonprofit in the financial green. Get creative and begin to diversify your revenue this new year. 

 SMS communication 

Did you get my text? You probably did. Text messages have an average open rate of 98%. That’s huge compared to the average email open rate, which is about 21%. More nonprofits will implement SMS communication in their fundraising efforts. Organizations can use SMS to create fundraising campaigns. But it also creates an opportunity for general communication with their audience, volunteer, and donors. You can send a quick “thank you” text to the volunteers at your event. Or, send out pictures to the donor list. The options are endless for this 2023 nonprofit trend. 


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