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Black History 365 Installs Advisory Board

Black History 365 Installs Advisory Board honors a newly assembled group of nationally recognized leaders committed to supporting public school education. Here’s why the newly formed BH365 Advisory Board supports children’s education:

Black History 365® is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum designed for schools across America. Our purpose is to provide a tech-savvy educational resource that will invite students to become:

  • Critical thinkers
  • Compassionate listeners
  • Fact-based, respectful communicators
  • Action-oriented solutionists

BH365® is an interactive history textbook that may be used independently or as supplemental text and includes instructor resources such as:

  • Curriculum planning guides
  • Instructional tools
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Audio/visual supplements
  • Electronic assessments

Full of rarely told history lessons and backed by more than 3000 original artifacts, BH365 takes students and educators on a colorful journey to embracing an inclusive account of American History.

Black History 365 Advisory BoardWhy Students Need Black History 365

All students benefit from learning about other cultures. It is important for all learners to understand and acknowledge the contributions of people from varied cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds in order to fully appreciate all of humanity. There is no dominant race, but individuals of shared ethnicities offer traits and talents that benefit society-at-large. History is a rich, engaging subject that should be inclusive of all. In addition, Black American history includes Native American and European history. When all students learn to grapple with their varied pasts, they are more prepared to create the future they deserve.

Why Educators Need Black History 365

For decades and even centuries, teachers have been encouraged to tell a pretty lop-sided story. Although many educators have taken the initiative to be more inclusive in their delivery of history and social science instruction, there have been few mandates to do so. Educators and decision-makers within our system are also influenced by the lack of black history curriculum and participate in the demise of historically forgotten communities by:

  • Accepting negative stereotypes
  • Displaying biases
  • Acting on fear of the unknown
  • Refusing to acknowledge the contributions and challenges of Black Americans
  • Not challenging discriminatory behavior
  • Challenging progressive movements that would bring more inclusive history and social studies curriculum, BH365® offers resources and support to begin to unlearn historical biases and teach well-rounded lessons that include and engage all students.

Dr. Walter Milton, Jr. Co-Author BH365

Black History 365 - Walter FreemanDr. Walter Milton, Jr. is the co-author of Black History 365. Walter is native of Rochester, New York. He received his K-12 education from the Rochester City School District. He is a proud product of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. He earned a B.A. from the University of Albany and an M.S. from SUNY College at Brockport. He took postgraduate courses at the University of Rochester to receive his administrative certifications, including his superintendent’s license. He holds a Doctorate of Education degree in leadership and policy from the University of Buffalo.    Dr. Milton started his career in education in 1991 as a junior high school teacher for the Webster Central School District in Webster, New York, and then moved on to Brighton Central School District, a National Renowned School District in Brighton, New York.  Through the years, he moved from being a teacher to principal, central administration, and then to Superintendent of Fallsburg Central District, Fallsburg, New York. In 2005, he became Superintendent of Flint Community Schools, Flint, Michigan where he designed and implemented a district-wide education reform that has been recognized throughout the State of Michigan and other parts of the country. He is the former superintendent in Springfield, Illinois, where he served as superintendent for almost eight years. Throughout his educational career, Dr. Milton has received numerous awards and recognitions.   In addition to his academic and professional pursuits, Dr. Milton is an inventor who holds a patent. Through his vision, he has had the ability to motivate educational organizations and communities to develop and support initiatives/programs that encourage students to achieve their highest potential. He is a focused and disciplined leader with a great vision, effective communication skills, and a passion for students in the midst of triumph or adversity.     Dr. Milton has also taught at several universities across the United States. He is also a published author of Parents Perception of Schools and Schools Perception of Parents, (2006), Me in the Making – One Man’s Journey to Becoming a School Superintendent (2008), Why Black Men Must Save Black Boys in America’s Public Schools (2014), Truth Be Told-Narratives from The Souls of Black Women (2018) and Black History 365-An Inclusive Account of American History (2020).  BH365 was birthed from his passion for history and a traumatic 4th-grade classroom experience with his teacher attempting to teach black history, starting with slavery. This lesson was contradictory to what his parents had taught – that black history dates back to the beginning of time. In 2018, he began to research and write, spending many tireless evenings crafting the manuscript.  A year later, Dr. Milton invited his friend, Dr. Joel Freeman to join him on the Black History 365 project. Dr. Milton is currently CEO of Black History 365 (BH365) and From the Heart International Educational Services (FTH).

Dr. Walter Milton, Jr. Co-Author BH365

Dr. Joel Freeman is also a co-author of Black History 365. For 20 NBA seasons, Dr. Freeman served as player development mentor and character coach for the Washington Bullets/Wizards – surviving six coaching and three GM changes (1978-1998). Having grown up in Canada, it was during this time – working with NBA players – that his rather unique interest in Black History first emerged. Freeman also has served behind the scenes as a Secret Service chaplain since 2020. In 1995 he co-authored the book, Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Race, with the foreword written by Julius “Dr. J” Erving. Eight years later he co-wrote the film version of that book, currently with Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English subtitles. Audiences around the world have experienced his intriguing presentation, “A White Man’s Journey into Black History”. It’s an eye-opening experience that transcends race. With travels to over 55 countries, Joel has worked with the Association of International Schools for Africa (AISA), traveling extensively throughout the continent of Africa and conducting a number of training events for educators, government, and business leaders. He has also assisted in addressing issues surrounding conflict resolution, and tribal warfare in meetings with over 100 African kings and queens throughout Benin, Togo, and Nigeria. Since 2005 Freeman has led annual experiential/educational tours to the land of Israel and also Greece, helping hundreds of people understand the significance of the ancient topographical, historical, geographical, political, educational and spiritual elements of both regions of the world. Dr. Freeman’s 1:1, 3D replicas of the iconic Rosetta Stone are in museums (Houston Museum of Natural Science), libraries and private collections around the world. One of his ancient Egyptian replicas was part of the Vancouver, BC movie set during the 20th Century Fox filming of “Night at the Museum 3’’. Dr. Freeman officially launched the Rosetta Stone replica project at the Library of Congress (DC) in 2009, with his presentation, “The Mysterious Rosetta Stone: A Code-Crackin’ International Treasure” – launching other similar presentations at the National Security Agency (NSA), National Museum of Language, and other entities. He also has developed a short film, “Rosetta Stone: Replicating a Mystery.” With over four decades of research (since 1980), Dr. Freeman has become a respected authority on Black History, creating the Freeman Institute® Black History Collection, which consists of over 3,000 authentic documents and artifacts (oldest piece dated 1553). Genuine items from his collection were showcased at the United Nations, NY headquarters in unprecedented back-to-back exhibitions on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, for three months in 2011 and also for three months in 2012 — with well over one million visitors. He has also conducted exhibitions at the White House Communications Agency, Clinton Presidential Library, Secret Service, NIH and many other venues. Hundreds of images from his collection are included in the BH365 curriculum.

In Closing:
Black History 365 Education Foundation Inc. was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501C (3) of the IRS code of 1986. The Foundation supports Black History 365 Education’s mission, in creating cutting edge resources that invite individuals, in under-served communities, to become critical thinkers, compassionate listeners, fact-based, respectful communicators, and action-oriented solutionists.

Black History 365 Education
Phone: (888)365-2453
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://blackhistory365education.com
2909 E. Arkansas Lane, Suite C
Arlington, TX 76010

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