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JB Brown Lives a Life of Social Impact

JB Brown Anti-Bullying

JB Brown – Journey to Success is Inside Charity’s recognition of an accomplished writer, producer and film director committed to social impact.

Things haven’t always been easy for JB Brown, Ph.D growing up in the small city of Barnwell South Carolina. As the 7th of 8 children there were many experiences he gained through the eyes of his older brothers and sisters and was somewhat shielded from many personal direct encounters. This caused Brown to seek out his own adventures and many times create devious situations that led to malicious behavior. He was rather small growing up and several things resulted because of it. For example, his family was not very well off financially, therefore many of his clothes were hand-me-downs. His older brother was somewhat larger, so there were many times when the clothes Brown wore had to be either altered or tucked in some way to be made to fit.

JB Brown Headshot OnlineHe often reflects upon a time when a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes that his brother had outgrown were given to him but they were still too large and he stuffed newspaper in the toes so that he could wear them comfortably. Unfortunately, this did not do anything about the appearance of looking like Bozo the Clown because of his height and small framed body. Brown even remembers a time when he had to wear some of his sister’s clothing and was picked on during school by his classmates.

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His living conditions were not the best with 10 people in a three-bedroom home. It was old and drafty, roach infested, rat invaded and often subjected to other unwanted visitors such as snakes. They were forced to huddle up in one room with a wood burning stove to keep warm. One Saturday night while watching Shock Theater, Brown remembers crawling under the bunk beds to hide out to enjoy a more spooky experience. He kept calling out to his brothers and sisters that there was a little man under there with him, and due to the nature of the television program that they were watching, they just blew it off as his vivid imagination running wild again.

Not long after, the program ended, Brown crawled out and right behind him slithered a 2 ft long snake, which yielded a scream from one of his sisters. “Look at that snake”! His oldest brother, then brandishing a 38, he kept under his mattress, fired and shot the snake to its death. “That must have been the little man that he was talking about”.

JB Brown Lives a Life of Social Impact

Brown always had an extremely vivid imagination and began writing poetry and short stories as early as the age of 12. He also taught himself to play the piano, though he never performed any concerts, he did manage to write over 30 songs of which many of them were produced and played on the radio. Once Brown discovered his talent for writing it became more habitual than anything else, not realizing the therapeutic value it had for some of the harsh times and situations he had to deal with growing up.

High school was very challenging because of the unpopular reputation that he developed at an early age was very difficult to live down. He became interested in sports and also became a part of the ROTC program, which gained him a lot of attention and a bit of respect. He also was a high school bus driver, but no matter what he did, it always seemed the roads led back to writing. He graduated high school in 1984 and had already enrolled in the delayed entry program for the US Army. There were 4 months to wait before shipping off to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri for basic training, so he took a job at McDonald’s to earn some money before leaving. Unfortunately, he had already developed the mindset that due to the impending harsh conditions he would have to endure in the military, he would not put up with certain things from a local employer, so the job lasted less than a month and he was terminated.

In October 1984 he was sworn in and shipped off to basic training. Along with dozens of other trainees he was introduced to the concept of being certified but not qualified. At the time, Brown,  riddled with fear, did not understand what that meant but new that going along would be in his best interest. The military was in need and getting them through basic training and they’re Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to certify them in the job selected was the priority. Brown signed on to become a light-wheeled vehicle mechanic. They were all informed that once they reached their permanent duty station they would go through (OJT) on the job training. Being curious and inquisitive, Brown wondered why they had to go through several more months of on the job training, when they had just completed training within a learning environment. He would soon find out. While in high school, Brown developed the attitude that he did not need college because the Army was going to give him all that he needed in life and afterwards he could secure any position that he desired. He later learned that philosophy was untrue.

He completed his first stint in the military and began job seeking and using his military status as the fuel to move forward. He soon found this to be ineffective but could not understand why. The job market was very competitive and despite being highly intelligent, without a degree and being a minority he was not very high on the totem pole. He continued for some time to present himself as a well seasoned and experienced Soldier but the civilian population was not to impressed. He managed to land a job with the government at a very low level worker and attempted over 40 times to move up. Finally in his mid thirties a hiring manager pulled him aside after an interview and said, “JB, you were our most favorable candidate and gave the best interview. Your background, experience and personality fits well with our group, but I cannot hire you because we are a professional department and you are undegreed”.

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He was heartbroken to say the least but finally realized that he needed to go to college. He began a very slow process but managed to conquer the first step at age 40 with an associate’s degree. He then switched branches and re-entered the military in the Air Force side. From that point forward, in five year increments, he managed to accomplish his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Management, Master’s degree in Education and finally Doctorate degree in Cinema Studies, which is what he holds presently.

Brown has a couple of quotes of his own and a few famous ones that he lives by.

“I do not believe in failure. We may fall but the difference between fall and fail is an “i” and “l”. As long as you don’t let the “L” in Fall turn into an “I” then you can always get back up and keep trying”. JB Brown. There have been so many obstacles and hardships in life that he has faced, but that philosophy alone has brought him through many storms. Though he has three unsuccessful marriages, he fully intends to remarry now that he has grown so much mentally and conquered many of the psychological obstacles that were inhibiting his progression along the way. “So many people want to be on top but don’t want to do what it takes to get on top”. JB Brown.

“There is nothing you can say or do to take back anything that you say or do”. JB Brown. That is another one of Brown’s quotes. He emphatically believes that it is vitally important to be careful how you treat people because it can’t be taken back or undone with an apology.

Brown also believes that it’s important to limit the amount of people that you allow within a certain comfort zone of your life. You cannot please everyone and everyone does not deserve to be called your friend. People will do their best to get from you what they can because of self preservation. Brown is a very generous and caring person, but appreciates the value of seeing the value in people. In the military he was exposed to a concept called a “blind spot” test. It was a protocol that recruiters used to assess candidates behavior and self-awareness. A multiple question test would be issued to the candidate and three copies would be provided. A list of personal and self-awareness questions were asked. A copy would be for the candidate, one for coworkers and one for a spouse or significant other, then the results would be tallied to ascertain the difference between what a person thinks of himself as compared to the others in the two different capacities. It was required for the test to be completed individually and without knowledge or assistance from each other, then sealed in an envelope and returned to the proctors. The results would sometimes be mind-boggling to say the least! Many of us have a much higher opinion of ourselves than that of others. Self-awareness, growth and development are extremely important attributes to strengthen while trying to improve on one’s self as an individual, especially when we’re going to be in a position to guide and lead others.

In recent years, Brown has enjoyed his stint as a high school Drama teacher and basketball coach. Formerly, he also taught at a university college level as well as a technical college. He enjoys working with, teaching and also directing children. He feels that children are much easier because they don’t spend any time and effort trying to show him that they know as much or more as he does. Adults often want to teach the teacher or direct the director and brown is the type who feels strongly about taking charge when he’s in charge, although he openly admits that he is just as good a follower as he is a leader.

Today Brown avails himself as an accomplished writer, producer and director as he has directed nine film. He has written four books, to include a children’s anti-bullying story entitled, “Poppy, The Maskless Anti-Bullying Guinea-Pig”. He has written and directed nine movies, five stage plays and has enjoyed appearances in the long running, popular Chuck Norris television show, Walker, Texas ranger. November 13th, 2021 has also been cited by former Columbia South Carolina Mayor, Stephen Benjamin, as JB Brown Weekend.

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JB Brown

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