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JB Brown’s Kids Bullying Kids – New Movie For Students

JB Brown JBStar Bishop Redfern II

JB Brown’s Kids Bullying Kids – New Movie For Students introduces No Yesterday No Tomorrow  a short film that inspires students, families & school administrators across the U.S and around the speaking world to tackle the abuses of bullying. Visit Here to experience this important work produced by filmmaker of JB Brown. JB has generously allowed National Association of Nonprofit Organizations  & Executive (NANOE) to present the film in its entirety on NANOE YouTube.

JB Brown JBStar No Today No TomorrowNo Yesterday No Tomorrow is an anti-bullying film depicting the young lives of American icons, both local, national, dead and alive including Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and Stephen Benjamin (former Mayor of Columbia SC). One of these characters takes Stephen’s bicycle and his mother explains to him why it’s always better to solve things through positive communication instead of violence. The children then decide to set up a mock trial to determine who stole the bike. This hilarious film educates children as audience members laugh their way from beginning to end! No Yesterday No Tomorrow includes special guest appearances by Mayor Daniel Rickenmann and NANOE Board Chair Bishop Redfern II.

Bullying is a national problem that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon! Ever wonder what the world would be like if famous innovators were somehow wished away because they were perhaps bullies when they were children? Young Stephen wishes all of his schoolmates dead after they beat him up and took away his bike. Here’s the twist. It turns out that Stephen was the actual bully and now must make amends to better things for the future.

JB Brown’s Kids Bullying Kids – No Yesterday No Tomorrow

JB Brown, Ph.D. was born in Barnwell South Carolina. He is the 7th of 8 siblings. He served in two branches of the military, Army and Air Force. He holds a Doctorial Degree in Cinema Studies, a Master’s degree in education, a Bachelor’s degree in computer information management and an Associate’s degree in applied science. He is a nationally registered EMT from the Air Force. He started writing plays, poetry and short stories at the age of 12, then move on to music, books and movie scripts some years later. No Yesterday; No Tomorrow is the 9th and Forbidden Love is the 8th of 17 scripts and four books that he has written, to include a children’s book entitled Poppy, The Maskless Anti-Bullying Guinea Pig. VISIT HERE to read JB Brown’s IMDB.

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JB Brown's Kids Bullying Kids - New Movie For Children

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