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How To Increase Online Donations In 5 Easy Steps
August 26, 2022
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August 31, 2022

[PODCAST] Revamping Volunteerism

Revamping Volunteerism…One painted wall at a time!

“Wait… didn’t we paint this wall last year?” said a few too many volunteers each year. Corporate volunteerism is more vital than ever; however, many companies employ old techniques to engage their teams. And too many nonprofits are having the same wall repainted each year. We can do better! In this episode, Katie talks to Diana Riekse, the founder of Bondeed, a new platform designed to enhance the corporate volunteer experience for all involved. 

A Revamp Means Recognizing Unique Volunteer Gifts

Diana compares significant group volunteer days to weddings: Lots of hype, a ton of logistics, and too often, the photos are the best takeaway. Lumping a company’s volunteer talent into one opportunity to help a nonprofit is limiting for the volunteers and can be a major headache for the nonprofit. There are many gifts that individuals can use to further nonprofit missions, but they are overlooked in the vetting and matching processes. 

Strong Corporate Volunteer Programs Require More than Good Intentions

Diana provides great examples of corporations with “next level” volunteer programs. Every company that prioritizes its human capital, team culture, and social impact will feel inspired to up their game regarding volunteer programming after listening to Diana. A solid public/private partnership and sustainable volunteer program require more than good intentions. Listen to the full episode to learn more about how your nonprofit or corporation can revamp volunteerism. 

Diana Riekse | Founder, BonDeed Inc.

A visionary with big ideas, Diana has the drive to give back. She’s donated her time, talents, and treasures to charitable work. Diana’s experience includes advisory positions on boards and committees, overseeing a homeless shelter, and civic and nonprofit volunteerism.

While managing a successful career as an advisor in the commercial real estate industry, Diana shied away from participating in company-wide days of service. Instead, she opted to connect and build deep connections where she felt she could best provide impact in her local community.

In essence, Diana recognized that employees have different styles of giving. Too often, their interests, talents, and potential often go unnoticed and untapped. She founded BonDeed with the vision of helping organizations think differently about their corporate social impact initiatives.

With Diana at the helm, BonDeed helps organizations uncover the interests and talents of their employees while fostering partnerships between employees, employers, and nonprofits to maximize the “giver’s glow.”


Diana’s Giver Type: Connector and Inspirer

Shout out to our friends at GiveEffect for making today’s episode possible! It’s 2022, and it’s time to level up. Your organization deserves the best technology to thrive in the digital age and likewise, your donors deserve an easy giving experience. Our mission is to serve nonprofits by building the best nonprofit system, ever. Let us better your tech, so that you can better our world…


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