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A Proven Fundraising Email Template

A Proven Fundraising Email Template

9 Proven Strategies to Write More Effective Fundraising Emails

This email fundraising template will be your solution.

Writing emails is difficult. That’s why it’s crucial to lean into the data to tell you what’s going to work better in your email appeals to bring more donations in for your organization and to build lasting donor relationships. This email template will walk you through the 9-step strategy – supported by real online fundraising experiments – to create more effective email appeals.

This email fundraising will demonstrate the 9 steps necessary to craft a highly effective email appeal based on learnings from our library of 3,000+ online fundraising experiments.

Template examples include: 

  • Sending from a real person 
  • Adding value and mystery to your subject line 
  • Why you shouldn’t customize preview text 
  • Greeting donors and addressing them by name
  • Explaining the problem at hand
  • Proposing a solution 
  • Articulating the donors impact 
  • Adding an incentive to give now 
  • Providing a clear call to action 

Email Fundraising Template on iPad

This email fundraising template is brought to you by the non-profit research experts at NextAfter

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