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Yndia Lorick-Wilmot – Boston Arts Academy Foundation

Yndia Lorick-Wilmot - Boston Arts Academy Foundation

Yndia Lorick-Wilmot – Boston Arts Academy Foundation celebrates BAAF’s newest board member.

Boston, MA – Boston Arts Academy Foundation is pleased to announce that writer, sociologist, educator and digital creator, Yndia Lorick-Wilmot, Ph.D. has joined the Boston Arts Academy Foundation’s Board of Directors.

A resident of Milton, Lorick-Wilmot holds a B.A. in Sociology from Trinity College – Hartford and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Northeastern University. She also holds a Graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women & Sexuality at Radcliffe College/Harvard University.

Yndia Lorick-Wilmot 2021 picLorick-Wilmot’s work focuses on issues impacting diverse racial-ethnic and immigrant communities across the country. She is an affiliated faculty member in the Africana Studies Program in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern University and a sociology senior lecturer in the College of Professional Studies. She is also Northeastern’s first recipient of the Scholar-in-Residence award at the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute.

She is the author of two books: Creating Black Caribbean Ethnic Identity and Stories of Identity among Black, Middle Class, Second Generation Caribbeans: We, Too, Sing America, several white papers and book chapters, and editor of a forthcoming anthology of creative works.

Yndia Lorick-Wilmot – Boston Arts Academy Foundation

“Boston Arts Academy is full of talented and diverse students who represent the spirit and energy of our community,” said Lorick-Wilmot. “I am thrilled to join the BAA Foundation Board and look forward to creating opportunities for and supporting BAA students in their new state-of-the-art building as they continue to excel in the arts and their futures.”

“Dr. Lorick-Wilmot is an esteemed educator and activist,” said BAA Foundation President and CEO Denella J. Clark. “Her commitment to supporting diversity and empowering our city’s youth align with our vision at the Boston Arts Academy Foundation. We are delighted to have Dr. Lorick-Wilmot join our Board.”

In addition to her work in academia, Lorick-Wilmot hosts a podcast titled Talking Journeys of Belonging 2 Blackness, with listeners in 30+ countries worldwide, and a YouTube channel to empower marginalized and historically disenfranchised communities to tell their own stories about challenging structures of oppression. She holds numerous awards, including the 2020-2021 Gloria E. Anzaldúa Award from the American Studies Association’s Committee on Gender and Sexuality; as well as several fellowships and honors from the American Association, the National Institute of Mental Health, “Women of Distinction in Race and Gender Equity” from El Noticiero Popular Panemeno, and the Institute of Pan American Affairs.

About Boston Arts Academy Foundation

Established in 1999, the BAA Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that raises essential funds from private philanthropic sources to augment the BAA school budget. The BAA Foundation helps bridge the gap between the school’s allocation from the Boston Public Schools, and the true cost of a high-quality education that is both arts-intensive and college preparatory.

Construction of the new BAA school building will not change BPS’s funding formula, which does not fully cover the cost of a college preparatory academic program and a competitive arts program. Through the six-year, comprehensive Building Our Future campaign, the BAA Foundation is raising $32 million to augment BAA’s school budget and ensure long-term sustainability. The campaign includes raising $10 million to bring the BAA Foundation endowment to $13.5 million, and securing $15.5 million in operating reserves. The endowment and reserves support what makes BAA unique, including expanded programming, the Health and Wellness Program, STEAM (STEM+Art), and funding for the arts. The endowment will support college scholarships for graduating seniors. The campaign supports BAA Foundation’s Annual Fund, which raises $5,000 per student each year. Building Our Future will ensure that as BAA’s student body grows, students can become successful artists, scholars, and citizens. Visit our website to learn more: https://bostonartsacademy.org/foundation.

About Boston Arts Academy

Founded in 1998 as the city’s only public high school for the visual and performing arts, Boston Arts Academy (BAA) has distinguished itself among urban public high schools as a leader in innovative and effective student-centered education. Consistently recognized locally and nationally for its achievements, BAA exemplifies the power of an arts-rich education and many BAA graduates have found success in college through the arts. In fact, for the past six straight years, at least 97 percent of BAA graduates have been accepted to college, with most being first-generation college attendees. BAA’s dynamic program prepares graduates to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, collaborators, and creators. Students come from all 23 Boston neighborhoods to receive the formal arts training and academic instruction that will make them Boston’s next generation of artists and cultural leaders.

In October 2018, the BAA community broke ground on a new $125 million facility at its Fenway location, which will expand from 121,000 to 153,500 square feet and open for students in 2022. Among many highlights, it will include new and much-needed enhanced theatres, career center, academic classrooms, dance studios, music practice rooms and fashion technology studios and workspace. When BAA opens its new school building, the number of students enrolled will increase to 500, and eventually grow over the years. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and visit our website to learn more: https://bostonartsacademy.org/.

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