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Victoria Philips – Charity’s Nonprofit Innovator

Victoria Philips Nonprofit Daily News

Victoria Philips has devoted her life to the greater good. She spends each day ensuring other people experience a life worth living. Her service to nonprofit executives, board members, staff and volunteers isVictoria Philips Nonprofit Daily News unparalleled and has grown charitable enterprises across the U.S. and around the world. Her newest venture is named Nonprofit Daily News (NDN) and is a media outlet that provides organizations and executives curated news, blogs, podcasts, and videos using a cutting edge artificial intelligence technology platform. NDN’s mission is to provide every nonprofit access to free information and news that they need to move their mission forward. They partner with nonprofit organizations who want to share their experiences. Here’s how they accomplish this important work:

● NDN provides – for free – the freshest, most relevant nonprofit articles, podcasts and videos from the internet, powered by AI
● NDN amplifies speed and ease in information sharing through our mobile app
● NDN celebrates milestones within our community, by publishing members accomplishments, struggles, milestones and stories
● NDN fosters a strongly-bonded network of groups, volunteers, consultants and the public sector
● NDN nurtures trust, potential, and growth

She is also the founder of the San Diego based Philips Nonprofit Consulting which provides nonprofit management and fundraising services to charities with a wide array of missions.

Victoria earned her M.A. in Nonprofit and Leadership Studies from University of San Diego and also holds the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. She’s spent the last decade training over 10,000 nonprofit fundraisers, executives and board members in strategy and operations.

Embracing a variety of technical tools with enthusiasm and agility, Victoria assists nonprofits to innovate their success by staying at the technological forefront. She is a Google Women Techmaker Ambassador, commended for her tech-savvy approach that connects her strategy with the latest technology and freshest insights. Victoria is the chair of the Global Affairs Board for the City of San Diego, providing advice to the Mayor on international affairs. Her dynamic approach to fundraising stems from her experiences as an African and her philosophy on life as a woman and someone who’s lived poverty firsthand. She creates workshops to extend value to the nonprofit community as well, including FundraisingPlus Bootcamp, a yearly virtual bootcamp for nonprofit leaders with over 1500 attendees in 2021 alone.

Victoria Philips – Charity’s Nonprofit Innovator

Victoria is also an enthusiastic entrepreneur providing support for nonprofits through her company Philip Non-Profit Consulting. Her specialty lies in systematizing fundraising processes for increased donor engagement and financial stability. Her expertise produces success in her work to help nonprofits design, upgrade and implement sustainable funding systems tailored to their strengths and needs, based on data-driven best practices, guided by state-of-the-art fundraising strategies. Her consulting and services to over 72 nonprofits during the pandemic saved jobs and services vital to the community. Her excellent work was recognized by the 2020 Black Businesses Matter In San Diego Awards, where she was the finalist.

Beyond her extensive experience with nonprofits in the States, her global outlook projects her work and impact on the wider international stage. She founded The International Association of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, first established in South Africa but now active in other countries. A member of Nu Lambda Mu (the international nonprofit honor society), and a founder of the Alliance for African Nonprofits, Victoria has wide-ranging experience of nonprofits in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America in areas including fundraising, board development, prospect research and grant writing, coaching, empowerment programs, and providing solutions to challenges such as poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. Her global immersion furnishes her with critical perspective and system thinking to integrate different lessons learned from diverse nonprofit environments and cultural settings. Her experience, flexibility and resiliency create unexpected changes.

Here’s what her colleagues have to share about Victoria’s important work:

“There are so many mistakes I make in my nonprofit , having Victoria as my coach is one of my many blessings.” ~ Sherlene Thomas, Lupus Foundation

“It has been a hard two years for my nonprofit organization. But Victoria’s coaching and mentoring made it worthy and huge recovery for my nonprofit.” ~ Mary Zepede, Children Network

“Thank God for Victoria and her coaching team. I never worry again about fundraising because she’s made it easy to reach more than $2 million last year when we only had a budget of $1m.” ~ Amanda Perkins, Survival of Abuse Advocate

To learn more about Victoria contact her at:

Victoria Philips, CNP
Philips Nonprofit Consulting
[email protected]

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