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[PODCAST] Three Causes of Donor Mistrust (and how to address them)

Even the most capable fundraisers and nonprofit leaders can find themselves in a situation of donor mistrust. After all, you share the financial data, build beautiful annual reports, and foster transparency, but something is still missing. In this episode, Katie chats with Cara Augspurger of DonorBox about three causes of donor mistrust. Cara not only shares how to combat these causes but provides creative solutions for building a new level of clarity and connection with donors. 

Three Causes of Donor Mistrust

The donor is unclear where their support is spent or the impact. 

Your annual report may be beautiful, but is it read? Does it help donors identify where their support was impactful? Cara shares some creative alternative ways to help supporters never doubt where their dollars are going. 

Your donors don’t feel their support is significant to the organization.

This is especially dangerous in larger organizations with significant fundraising efforts and donor bases. Do your donors feel seen and appreciated? Finding ways to quantify and convey impact to all donors is equally as important as getting that first, prompt, thank you out the door. 

The organization or fundraiser only reaches out when funding is needed.

Your donors are not an ATM! Cara offers insights into creating more than a one-dimensional funding relationship with your donors. 

Want to learn to combat these causes of donor mistrust? Check out the full episode

About Cara Augspurger, PMP, CFRE

A long-time development professional, Cara currently serves as a Fundraising Coach for Donorbox and focuses on consulting with nonprofits of all sizes, specializing in project management and fundraising strategy. Cara’s expertise is in coaching, annual fundraising, project management, and communications. She has both a BS and Ed.M. from the University of Illinois, with a specialized study in adult learning. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and is actively involved with organizations focused on providing relief from homelessness and food insecurity in Indianapolis and New York City. 

Shout out to DonorBox for making this episode possible!


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