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Are You Using the Best Fundraising Tool for Your Nonprofit?
February 10, 2022
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February 12, 2022

[PODCAST] Think Globally, Act Locally with SDGs

What is a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), anyway?

You don’t need one more acronym, right? We hear you. The nonprofit sector is riddled with abbreviations of ways to do more good. LOI, DAF, and even NPO. That said, there is one more acronym that we should all be aware of: SDG, or in other words, Sustainable Development Goals. These seventeen goals are agreed upon by the United Nations as initiatives to complete by the year 2030, and much of the world is on board. They address everything from poverty to gender equality and have the potential to change the world…as do you. In this episode, Katie talks with Kim Fuller of Phil. Kim’s agency specializes in helping charities gain support, traction, and impact while pursuing alignment with the SDGs. 

The World’s To-Do List

The Sustainable Development Goals are ambitious, but mostly because they’re broad enough to be relevant to every area of the planet and every cause under the sun. If you’re working in a community-centric nonprofit, they can feel a bit lofty and irrelevant. But are they? Kim makes it clear that even small, insular, nonprofit organizations can benefit from focusing on their alignment with one or two of the SDGs, whether through direct mission alignment or a core value. Becoming a champion of a larger purpose and initiative can help donors foster a larger vision as well as bring greater institutional support through foundations. 

We’re All Sorta Selfish

Kim and Katie talked about how even causes that are totally “others-focused” can be a little selfish. While we’re a bold bunch, we like boundaries. Nonprofit pros tend to gravitate toward what we know. We pursue what is achievable…most of the time. Aligning with these extremely lofty goals can be intimidating in addition to feeling out of touch. Nevertheless, if our work is performed with a concentration on a concerted effort, won’t we all win? Being part of something bigger than yourself is the name of the game when it comes to cause work. Without a doubt, it doesn’t get any bigger than these global initiatives. 


Examples of Nonprofits Prioritizing SDG Alignment

Kim highlighted a spectrum of organizations who are aligning with the SDGs in terms of their mission or their core values. These organizations range from local initiatives to global outreach programs. Check them out






Meet Kim Fuller, Founder & CEO of Phil

Thanks to a combination of practical insight and boundless creativity, Kim has earned a reputation for delivering innovative strategies that effectively and efficiently meet the needs of today’s evolving not-for-profit landscape. Her experience working with local, national, and international charities combines over 25 years in marketing and fundraising, with a lifelong passion for volunteering in the community.

 Award-winning social entrepreneur, international speaker, and author of many articles on leadership and the social sector, Kim is always looking to learn more and share more.

When she is not in the office she volunteers her time and expertise as a mentor and advisor to several local and national organizations.


Shout out to Feathr for making this podcast possible!


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