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Center for Nonprofits at St. Mary’s Honored for Service

Center for Nonprofits at St. Mary's

Center for Nonprofits at St. Mary’s Honored for Charitable Service celebrates the important work of Northwest Arkansas’ Center For Nonprofits as the inaugural recipient of the Maxie Carpenter Leadership Award.

Award recipients meet two specific criteria. First, they have demonstrated a community-wide commitment to growing charitable organizations. Second, they have championed the cause of ensuring nonprofits achieve significant impact.

National Development Institute’s Board of Directors has chosen Center for Nonprofits at St. Mary’s to receive this year’s issuance.

The Center for Nonprofits at St. Mary’s is a multi-partner facility that houses more than 56 agencies providing health, education and human services to people living in Northwest Arkansas. By eliminating duplication of services and focusing resources on community impact versus capital campaigns, nonprofit organizations in the Center will be able to more effectively serve the Northwest Arkansas community. Our focus is to provide below-market-rate leases for nonprofit organizations in a space that encourages collaboration and provides easy access to services for the public.

The Center for Nonprofits provides increased capacity for the organizations housed in the facility, through additional physical space, including classroom and meeting rooms; amenities; as well as support services. It also enhances community development by providing a supportive professional environment in which organizations focusing on health, social, and community services can collaborate to positively impact our community and gain sustaining organizational skills.

The 13-acre campus including the former hospital, convent and outbuildings totals nearly 300,000 square feet along South 13th Street and West Poplar in downtown Rogers.

Center for Nonprofits at St. Mary’s Receives Maxie Carpenter Leadership Award

Maxie, who passed on November 18, 2021, had a long career with Walmart in Human Resources, and he was a master of dealing with people.  He used this talent, along with his gift of intercessory prayer, to become a disciple-maker.  He loved discipling and mentoring men.  He also had a gift for helping organizations strategize and define their goals.  He was a key person in helping Influencers form our mission and vision statements in the very beginning.

In retirement Maxie worked with the Nonprofit Sector supporting Boards of Directors, CEO’s, and Executive Directors, assisting them with Leadership and Organizational Development. Maxie believed that Nonprofits have struggled with (a) a cultural Resistance to Change (RC Factor), (b) dysfunctional Boards, (c) blurred lines between the role and responsibility of the Board vs the CEO or Executive Director, (d) the lack of a planning approach that’s still grounded in the past, and (e) little clarity around organizational life cycles.

Maxie was fond of saying, “As one believes, so they lead. As one leads, so others follow. Organizations and their people rise and fall accordingly.”

It is with great sadness and celebration that the Center for Nonprofits is honored in his name.


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